The NES Classic Mini Sold Out of Initial Stock of 100,000 Units In France

The NES Classic Mini has been selling out at lightning speed worldide, with the latest news coming from France that the launch stock of 100,000 units has sold out immediately.

Nintendo sold through all of their pre-orders and a source at French retailer Fnac stated that “Nintendo could have easily sold 300,000 units” and admitted that “it’s not easy to forecast sales for this type of product”.

Nintendo have been working hard to restock the NES Classic Mini in multiple different countries to ensure the demand is met, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re still looking to get your hands on one.

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  1. ||We must establish NERD 2.0 in french territory at once and reward them…||

  2. My mom can’t understand why so many people want a console with ancient games that are pre-installed. And she REALLY can’t understand why I want one, since I already have all of the games on my real NES. With some people, you can never get them to understand. No matter how hard you try. Then again, she doesn’t understand the appeal of video games in general. She thinks they’re rotting the world’s brains.

    1. Yeah, my mom always used to tell me she didn’t understand why people chose to waste their time playing video games. Ironically enough, whenever she said this, she was usually simultaneously catching up on TV shows or watching drama/romantic films :/

  3. On one hand I can say I understand why Nintendo didn’t produce 50 millions of it but on the other I can’t understand why they didn’t produce 5 millions. I mean C’mon everybody who are in the video game industry will have known 5 millions units would have been the minimum. Even us the lambda customers knew it will have some sort of success. Another missing opportunity….

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