Miyamoto Says Nintendo Feels Strongly About Single Payment for Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is the new Nintendo mobile game heading to IOS and Android on 15th December, it will initially be free to start but to unlock the full game, there’s a single charge of $9.99.

During an interview with the Financial Post, Shigeru Miyamoto discussed Nintendo’s decision to have a single payment for the game. Instead of micro-transactions, Miyamoto advised that the company feels “pretty strongly” about having a form of monetization where the user would just pay once and then be able to play as much as you like without any further charges.

As data firm Sensor Tower is projecting that Super Mario Run will net Nintendo $71 million in gross revenue for its first month on the App Store, the company is still likely to see a large profit from the app. Here’s the excerpt from the interview:

“When we first started talking about bringing Nintendo games and Mario to iPhone, we talked a lot about what we would do from a monetization standpoint and debated this even with Mr. Iwata back in those days (Satoru Iwata was CEO of Nintendo until his death in 2015).

Certainly there are a lot of different ways that you can monetize a game. In Japan there’s a mechanic that’s referred to as “gacha,” where you keep spending small amounts for a raffle or lottery to get rare items. There are other ways that you can charge people repeatedly to get money. And there are games that rely on a very small number of people who pay a lot of money and the rest of the players play for free.

But we looked at who a traditional Nintendo game player and consumer was, and we feel that in our case with a lot of our products we see parents buying the game for their kids. In that sense, we felt pretty strongly that we needed to have a form of monetization where you would simply pay once and be able to play as much as you like. That was important for Nintendo and our audience. You don’t see a lot of [mobile] games that are set up that way these days, but we felt it was important for us to establish that for this game.”

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  1. It looks like a fun game but not a 10$. I will try it out but im saving up for a switch so it better be damn impressive if i buy it

      1. 1) i am saving up money for the switch witch with my calculations i will barley have enough by launch (assuming rumors are true)
        2)It does look fun but im not sure about paying 10$ a 60$ is worth it because in some cases you get hundreds of hours into it. Smash 500 hours put into that game on MY wii u alone (not counting 3ds or my brothers or freinds wii u ) mk8 200 hours. splatoon-200 hours mario maker 200 hours. a mobile game isnt going to give me even a 6th of the time i put into those games
        3) I kinda have a phone. its not really mine (its complicated) and its an iphone 5 it might even run smoothly on it.
        4) Even after i buy a switch i want to save up for BOTW, MK8.5 smash4switch, and 3d mario.

        I havent played the game yet so if i enjoy it though the roof i might consider buying it but thats unlikely at least right now

  2. Paying once is all I ever hoped for. I hope this does so well it makes others do the same. I doubt Nintendo would make us pay $10 for something that isn’t worth $10 compared all the other trash available.

  3. $10 is so cheap and one time only payment is awesome.

    Perfect way to price and sell it.

    And for people stating that this is a copy of other games… those games copied Mario so just reclaiming his turf in my opinion. All good for the times when some quick time killing is in order

  4. Hmm…an online only game where there is risks of LOSING gameplay because of dead spots or no signal like being in the subway or living in areas where wifi is garbage and then having to pay $10 for it. That sounds like a great idea!

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