Miyamoto Designed A Game Like Minecraft Back On The Nintendo 64

Minecraft may have taken a long time to finally come to a Nintendo console, but something along the lines of the game almost came to Nintendo 64 twenty years ago. According to Miyamoto, who has been playing Minecraft recently, he had an idea for a similar game back in the N64 generation. This snippet comes from an interview with Miyamoto by Glixel, the entirety of which can be read here. Imagine a world where Nintendo Minecraft stood alongside Ocarina of Time and Super Mario 64 as classics from that generation.

You’ve mentioned in the past that you play the cat-collecting mobile game Neko Atsume. Are there other games that you really love playing?
Not really. I do like Minecraft, but really more from the perspective of the fact that I really feel like that’s something we should have made. We had actually done a lot of experiments that were similar to that back in the N64 days and we had some designs that were very similar. It’s really impressive to me to see how they’ve been able to take that idea and turn it into a product.



  1. It would be pretty hard to create Minecraft on such weak hardware.
    That is, it would be without MAJOR compromises.

  2. I couldn’t see Nintendo supporting the mod community like Mojang did. It’s a large part of why Minecraft gained and MAINTAINED popularity.

    1. Yeah. I couldn’t see Nintendo supporting a mod community on N64. You know. Because there wasn’t much of a chance to mod your cartridges.

  3. I just can’t get over the crappy graphics and square look of Minecraft. That’s what always stopped me from trying any out. Even the Minecraft toys I’ve seen in stores look stupid. I still can’t figure out the concept, or point of these games.

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