Nintendo Finally Explains The Super Mario 64 Fountain Mystery

Super Mario 64 was the first main line Super Mario game where Luigi wasn’t playable. However, Nintendo foresaw all the speculation that would come with his absence and decided to play a little joke on their fans. That is the story that has finally surfaced after years of staring at a strange plaque in the game that seemed to read “L is Real 2401”. A Reddit user has uploaded a letter he received from a Nintendo game councillor back in 1998 suggesting the strange message was only a joke by the developers. Do you believe the story? Tell us below.


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  1. I really wanted lugi to be in the game cuz it made me happy to see himbe smiling at the part where not there but then the ds one he is cause I unlock him:)

    1. 26 Years ago?
      Super Mario 64 came out in June of 96, thats 20 years ago… where do you get the extra 6 years?

  2. Because of this joke people put Luigi based on how it would look in 64 graphics. What an irony!

  3. This is really lame. The guy that wrote the letter obviously has no idea. If the letter is real then he’s from NoA, which imo means basically nothing. He had nothing to do with game development.

    1. He obviously does have an idea since he literally works/worked for Nintendo. And if they work for the America branch of Nintendo that automatically means nothing? What a joke.

  4. That plaque is so darn blurry, it’s impossible to read. And that letter. MAN it looks FAR too familiar. It looks SO much like the letters I used to get from Nintendo Of America. I used to drive them crazy writing letters. Almost like they were a pen pal. It always annoyed me when they’d tell me that they’ve sent my letter to such-and-such department for further review etc. Because I knew that all they did was throw them in the trash, and pretend that they didn’t. Not once did they ever truly send my ideas to any actual developer. I eventually got the point across, and never wrote to them again.

  5. I don’t believe the story but I also don’t think the writing is anything significant, just a generic blurry texture made vague enough that anyone from anywhere can identify it as writing.

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