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Nintendo Admits NES Mini Demand Is Far Greater Than They Anticipated

There can be no doubt that the NES Mini situation is a bit of a fiasco with fans still unable to find a unit on store shelves and online retailers being drip fed stock. CNET recently sat down with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime to discuss stock concerns. Reggie admitted that the level of demand for the system is far greater than they originally anticipated and they’re struggling to keep up with the feverish demand.

“Every day there’s more going into the retail channel. The overall level of demand is certainly greater than we anticipated, that’s why we’re suffering through the shortages out there in the marketplace.”


47 thoughts on “Nintendo Admits NES Mini Demand Is Far Greater Than They Anticipated”

  1. Prime example of Nintendo producing a low supply of an item to drive up sales numbers. They do it with games, they did it with Amiibo, they did it with the NES Mini, and they’ll do it with the Switch too.

    Some corporate desk jockey got a nice bonus check for selling out of their artificially low stock.

    1. Unfortunately, that’s all Nintendo’s known as far as big releases have went recently.
      Nice username by the way, lol.

    2. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||Obviously High Command would take advantage of this, you cattle primitives will give us your money regardless…||

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis' Mom

        ||Kall, i already gave your money to Mattel, your Barbies should arrive soon…||

        ||While you are at that, please wash your stained matress…||

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||You mean the millions of resource individual that wants it?…||

      ||Yes, your lord’s powers are converting to Nintendo once again…||

  2. I can’t even understand why people would want it either besides the fact that it’s a collectors item. Unless a lot of people have unused NES cartridges, the best thing is emulation.

    1. Part of it is that it’s a collector’s item, and part is that the vast majority of the casual market have no clue in hell as to what emulation is.

      1. I know what emulation is but it when a play emulated games it always feels weird like I just can’t get the full experience if i don’t have the controller, console and actual game to play with.

        1. Controllers can easily be used with emulators.

          As for a console and physical game, that doesn’t make much of a difference to me.

        2. I understand what you mean by this, I think you’re trying to say it doesn’t feel as “authentic” as when you have the official products? I don’t know about the actual game part, but I feel the same way playing DS games as the dual screen experience can only be truly experienced on the original hardware. As for other consoles, like Bacon has said, you can buy USB controllers that are created like the originals. For example, you can either buy a SNES usb controller or get a adapter that uses the official controllers.

      1. Actually emulators are not illegal, tons of game for said emulators are, flashcards are considered illegal if you load roms on it, I mostly used it for music until I got a smartphone (I did load roms on it and sometimes use it for pokemon as a controlled trade).

      2. And to add a little fact onto what others have said: There’s also one gray area about whether using ROMs is illegal or not. If there’s no legitimate way of buying the game, this may seem “okay” reason for downloading a ROM game file. I’m not saying it is, I’m just saying it’s a debatable argument about using ROMs.

    1. Its kinda sad when myself, Jaded, finds things like this burst-out-loud laughable. I should be bitching, but I just can’t stop laughing. XD

  3. I got my hands on one at retail. Will also be parking my ass outside of bestbuy on dec.20th to het another one for my nephew. The thing is way better than I thought it would be. Sure I had the original back in the day but there is no way in hell I could convince my parents to buy even half of these 30 games. Star Tropics is awesome and I never knew. Also just clocked over 40 hours playing Final Fantasy. It’s not just the games that make the system so awesome. My favourite part is how small and portable the system is. Can plug it into anything with an hdmi input. The controller cord is short but I have extra long hdmi cables so it’s not an issue. My current setup is a 17 inch monitor on the coffee table while watching t.v. (for level grinding in FF). Also the save system is genius. If you walk away from the console eventually it shuts itself down but will also auto save beforehand. You also get 4 save slots per game. Just hit the reset button and instantly you get taken to the save screen. The machine is super fast too. No long waits for load ups. I also think the system is great for people who never played the original nes games because of games like Cloudberry Kingdom and Shovel Knight being so popular.

  4. You know, this is really surprising. After all, Nintendo never underestimates things like hardware demand, server load or product anticipation.
    I’m sure this was a fluke and will never happen again.
    LOL… Sorry, I just can’t keep a straight face, but at least I’m laughing!

  5. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis' Mom

    ||Do you think my 40 years old son will love this console, he told me he loves the men at Nintendo’s head office, especially Reggie and says his body is ready when he sees them, they can do whatever they like to him…||

    ||Is it normal for my only son to show such behavior?…||

    ||Should I as a loving mother be worried?…||

  6. What’s up with Nintendo always acting like they aren’t aware that MANY people love classic gaming? You’d think they would know with just how many people download classic games on Virtual Console etc. TONS of people still love the NES (including me). Even long before it released, people were acting fanatical about it in YouTube videos. Everyone talking about how much they want an NES Classic Mini when it releases. So I don’t believe Nintendo when they try playing the “we didn’t know there would be so much demand” card.

  7. I sold my modded Nes classic to raise money for the Animal rescue and I raised 800 GBP mainly due to it having specially having 200 games instead of instead of the regular 30. Yup the 1st Mother game was on there. And trust me there was a lot of bidders i went to an auction hall to do it. as for commissioning me for one I got my exams to do so i’ll be unable to

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