US: Don’t Forget My Nintendo Celebrating 30th Anniversary Of Zelda With New Rewards

Nintendo of America has reconfirmed on Twitter that the company is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the dearly loved The Legend of Zelda franchise with its latest rewards program, My Nintendo. There’s a variety of new rewards up so be sure to check out the My Nintendo site to see if there’s anything of interest to you.

Thanks to Mattwu for the tip!


  1. And now they are planning Kirby’s anniversary, meanwhile DK and Metroid (both bigger and better than Kirby) get the middle finger

    1. Sometimes release schedules don’t line up with anniversaries. I’m sure SEGA would’ve loved to have Project Sonic 2017 be in 2016 instead, but they didn’t gladly (unlike Sonic ’06).

      I’m sure something is in the works for Metroid, and DK did celebrate his 30th (er- 31st?) anniversary with Tropical Freeze. Retro’s gotta be working on something though, and they’re practically both the Metroid and DK team at the moment. Rumors point to a new IP, but rumors are just rumors.

  2. What, no Four Swords Anniversary.

    It’s kind of the reason I stay up to date with Nintendo news sites anymore. It’s not like I’d miss anything else, aside from maybe fan games like OOT 16-bit and Mother 4 being release before Nintendo can C&D.

  3. I’d happily bypass a Metroid 30th IF they release a new prime game on the switch!

    Please ol Big N, that’s my Christmas wish

    If not then…. then… then i’m only gonna buy one switch console! lol

          1. }{ Linearity in games seems to be the cool thing to hate these days, along with collect-a-thons… Honestly linearity allows a developer to create significantly more focused gameplay, and to be able to tell more in-depth stories… Skyward was more story focused, so linearity to a certain degree was to be expected… Also Skyward isn’t that bad in terms of Linearity… there are plenty of things to branch off and go do as you head toward the objective, especially in terms of goddess stones and resource collection for item upgrades… It’s certainly overall linear, but I don’t think this detracts from the experience overall… Of course, linearity can be done poorly, ala FFXIII, but Skyward Sword did a pretty good balance in my opinion… Of course, you are welcome to your own in this case, but don’t simply jump on the hate train because someone out there said linearity is bad… again, just like how people get upset with collect-a-thons… The game is built around the mechanic, and with Skyward Sword boasting some of the best dungeons in Zelda history, I don’t really see the problem… Not to mention the story is quite well told… }{

            1. The games linearity made it feel story focused, and the story didn’t sit right w/ me. It felt shoehorned into Zelda to make the timeline. All other games talk about the founding fathers, and OOT didn’t. Other games referred to the Hero of Time as the first wielder of the Master Sword. OOT should have been first.

              1. }{ Just briefly, I don’t recall it ever being mentioned that the Hero of Time was the first wielder of the Master Sword, and that wouldn’t even make sense logically, as someone had to place the sword in the temple of time in the first place, potentially it’s former master… This is further shown by how Navi knows the name of the sword when you encounter it in OOT, suggesting it was known for some great event, or some passed down legend… as far as the rest of it goes, I quite enjoyed the story, but that is a matter of subjectivity. so, of course, you are welcome to your own opinion, however even still the dungeons were so amazing it’s a far stretch to call it the worst Zelda… }{

                1. No one pulled the MS from the pedestal in the ToT before Link, and the ToT was made to protect the MS. The MS was possibly created for the CASE of evil rising, and Hylians praying to it, as a source of security that when despair arises that the Hero will save The Nation of Hyrule.

              1. }{ Collect a thons are just fine… the game is built around it, so I don’t see the problem… It’s just that someone, somewhere started hating on it, and other people decided to follow suit without warrant… }{

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