2.7 Trillion Coins Have Been Collected In New Super Mario Bros. 2 So Far

Super Mario Run‘s Toad Rally may focus on collecting coins, but it has nowhere near as many coin as the 3DS’s New Super Mario Bros. 2. When the game came out back in 2012, Nintendo challenged players to collect as many coins as possible. However, four years later, the coin count is still rising. In a promotional article listing the best Mario games on the handheld, Nintendo revealed that 2.7 trillion coins have been collected in the game since its launch. This is certainly impressive, many players struggling to the reach the ingame goal of a million coins.

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  1. And that’s equal to about twenty-seven billion lives. Not that any of us lost any outside of the challenge packs.

  2. Nintendo, keep it 3D or go back to pixel rendering. A 3D-rendered platformer can look good, but apparently they’re not allowed to with you, Nintendo. Nothing wrong with going back to pixels nowadays, they’re timeless.

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