Video: Here’s A New Trailer For A Hat In Time

A brand new trailer for A Hat In Time was released today, and it serves to showcase the third chapter. The release date is still set to 2017 for Windows and Mac, including Steam. However, the devs have expressed interest with consoles such as the Wii U in the past, so it’s still possible that a Nintendo console release could happen. In the meantime, we’ve included the game’s new trailer down below, so feel free to check it out.


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    1. That’s alright. You can be the one person who misses out while the rest of us enjoy it.
      It looks really fun, reminds me of Super Mario 64. And the developers have kept their promises so far. Looks like it’ll be a fun 2017.

    1. Is Yooka-Laylee not the cheap cashin?

      We’ve seen very little of it, and what little of that we’ve seen has been a large empty level with intense shadowing. They sold out Wii U owners (they explicitly promised that version, cancelled for “technical reasons (read: they didn’t want to optimize graphics)), they sold out all backers (offering the exclusive demo to ANYONE who pre orders the game now, such as on PS4), and thy sold out “indies” (went to a publisher, which began posting PR on their Twitter)

      Really, these games are both great and they can co-exist. There’s nothing specially defining about Yooka-Laylee (we’ve seen almost none of it?), other than its Rare alumni (pretty shallow).

      it’s sad that you look at the pioneer for the genre’s revival as “a cheap cashin”. Before Yooka-Laylee, A Hat in Time came along. It’s being developed slowly by passionate developers with little funds, so what do you expect?

      Really, we’ve seen almost nothing of Yooka-Laylee, and they’ve turned to cruddy Kickstarter practices. I still have hope for it, but it holds nothing over htis game, and for all practical purposes, they needn’t be compared.

      1. Maybe it’s a little unfair, but YOLU is still right. They did do all of those things. Saying it’s unfair doesn’t excuse these things.
        A Hat In Time came first, and it looks like it’s been solidly developed. It looks fun, too, which is important.

  1. im actually really excited for this game. I played the beta this year so i’ve havent been waiting on this game for so long

  2. This game has changed so much since I saw it last! I try not to watch every bit of info on this because I already feel like I’ve been waiting for the game for quite awhile, but watching this trailer makes me feel confident that they’re putting the time to good use. Hope it comes to at least one console I own as well, not sure I want to play it on Steam…

    1. Well, I see what you mean by the Steam thing, but if it’s just a console experience you’re after you can hook up your PC to your TV and plug in a controller.

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