A Fallout Mash-Up Pack Is Coming To Minecraft Wii U Edition

An official post by Mojang on the official Minecraft site has announced that the Wii U version of Minecraft will be getting a Fallout Mash-Up Pack. They said that “Minecraft will soon be melded with Fallout, Bethesda Softworks’ much-loved, post-apocalyptic RPG series. So strap on your thickest welding goggles and keep your eyes on the horizon for the mash-up pack’s radiant arrival on Console Edition in the coming days. Or lie under a table. Whatever makes you feel calmer. Working in the depths of their bunker complex, our artists and builders have been busy blasting Minecraft’s glorious overworld into an irradiated wasteland fit for Fallout fans to wander. Friendly cows, gently sautéed in the light of a thousand suns, have now sprouted second heads, while the familiar supersized spiders have made way for other overgrown arachnids, who scuttle through the dark wielding brutal stingers. These are not the only mobs to get a little bit melty. Lurking in the shadow of the series’ familiar landmarks – like the Capitol building or Tenpenny Tower – are ghouls, mutants and madmen of many kinds. Vault Dwellers beware: you may be S.P.E.C.I.A.L., but the wasteland is a very dangerous place indeed. You can be sure you’ll look the part, too, with a choice of 44 skins based on beloved characters from the series, including the likes of Fawkes the philosophical supermutant; robo-sleuth, Nick Valentine; Tinker Tom; Paladin Cross; Jangles The Moon Monkey and Vault Boy himself. Even the UI has been given a retro-futuristic overhaul in honour of Fallout’s wristmounted computing device, the Pip-Boy! The mash-up also comes with a soundtrack combining familiar tunes from across the Fallout series – so you can keep dancing til the end of the world. The pack will soon be available for $5.99 USD or your local equivalent for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita”. The news comes with three screenshots, which we’ve included below.



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