Nintendo Has Released A Lovely Snowy Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Screenshot

Keeping true to its promise, the team over at Nintendo of America have recently been dropping screenshots from the long-awaited The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The latest screenshot, which has been posted to Facebook, shows a rather cold Link by his campfire amongst a snowy backdrop. It does look extremely atmospheric and you can view it in all its glory, below.



Thanks to Ellis for the tip!


    1. I agree that it looks like garbage. The overall picture is cool looking, but after just playing Rise Of The Tomb Raider, and seeing the amazing, realistic icy mountains and snow, the mountain in this picture does look like yesterday’s graphics. Then again, it’s just a picture, and at a distance. And I am in no way judging this game. I know it will be amazing.

      1. ||You are comparing a so called realistic looking weapon to a not realisitc looking weapon that doens’t intend to mimic real life objects or terrain…||

        1. I realize that (and I was going to express that in my original comment, but forgot). However…..this game should still be breathtaking in every picture and video. I mean, there shouldn’t be anything that looks last generation. Not even a mountain. But still, I know I’m just nitpicking. I’m still impressed with this game. I’m definitely not a Nintendo hater or troll.

          1. ||I’m sure it will be, I’m certain they are polishing it a bit more before release…||

      2. Rise of Tomb Raider is gorgeous. But as we all know, that is not Nintendo’s way. This game is a bit cell-shaded…or at least some flavor of it.

        Maybe someday we will get a game that looks like the Zelda WiiU tech Demo, but probably not in my lifetime. X.x Nintendo doesn’t know how. All their best games use bright colors and mostly flat textures. They don’t do realistic. Still, I can’t wait for ZeldaU,… I mean, Botw. I’m sure it will be very fun.

    2. Just a question for you!

      Did you by any chance play any systems before 2016 or was you bought your first system recently because if you did in fact play systems before 2016 did you enjoy any game on them at all?

      When all of a sudden did these little pompous, spoilt, self proclaim elitists pop out of their little holes?….. oh yh it was the 90’s boom and we know how and why soooo many popped out of soooo many holes.

      1. I’m on mobile, so I can’t tell if you were adressing me or the other guy. I’ve been gaming since they were on cassette tapes and the letter “V” was a race car and you had to imagine your own “Graphics.”

        That doesn’t mean Nintendo should dismiss making games look better just because the Wii made a metric fuck-ton of money. Nor does it mean Nintendo has to keep up with Developers such as Bethesda.

        I want a fun game above all. But I feel like the Wii greatly lowered the bar for Nintendo quality. Gameplay has been slipping these days also.

        I will be the first to admit I was dead-wrong to complain about Windwakers artstyle. It is such a fun game and I love it very much. But Skyward sword was left in the dust by being developed with standard definition graphics. Now it suffers horribly on any decent TV.

        It’s not too much to ask for Nintendo to keep pace visually… not be on the cutting edge like Gamecube and earlier, but at least keep things withing the current decade.

        I’m dying to play BotW, and I feel the attitude they chose will allow one more Zelda game to dodge the graphics horde. But they better start stepping it up.

          1. I was addressing the Blank fellow but i liked your response.

            I agree Nintendo should keep up with the competitors but not in the way that they will have to sell their souls to people like Activision, Ubisoft and EA in regards to creating a game, splicing it then selling it off as DLC to fulfil quarterly contractual agreements…. oh and lets not forget DLC or the most outragious of all season pass *shudders*

            I believe they should keep up simply to provide the quality of games that we have come to love from Nintendo and stop the lazy developers of today from complaining that it’s a little to hard to port their 253rd edition of Fifa, CoD or Pro evolution.

            I’m just tired of these lil kids always complaining about graphics ‘that mountain looks bad’ and completely overlooking the fact that the game might be totally amazing (Mario Kart 64 for example) and scarily it’s these talent less lil boy and his BLOBS that are driving the market in this perilous direction.

            If the gameplay is amazing and leads to a great gaming experience then you really don’t notice the graphics….. but if the gameplay is pants and lacking depth….. well….. just look at 95% of my PS4 games… no more than 1 weeks worth of play in em then it’s over, shelved and losing value day by day but hey…. at least it looked amazing right lol


  1. The mountain texture on the right, not the mountains in the background… The texture looks like a PS1 texture.

  2. Except I’d bet there isn’t a PS1 game where you can climb them.


    Suck it up people, the game isn’t finished yet. And if you have a problem with it just don’t buy it! But don’t ruin it for the rest of us by being negative.

    1. I believe it is and has been finished.
      You switch fuckers are holding up my WiiU version!
      Stop it and Bah Humbug!

  3. Here’s something for @Blank

    If you want to stand there and stare at textures, colours and graphics… go to the movies! That’s kinda what their there for, to entertain and not have the viewer interact.

    If you want to actually PLAY the game then do just that, wait until it’s released, play it, then give your report on it including how the ‘textures’ tied in with the gameplay… until then please for the love of all that anyone believes in…. Shut your poisonous trap and as a poster said…. stop ruining it for others being negative.

  4. you forget that’s an ice mountain also do you not realize that is the Wii u botw not the Nintendo switch

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