Super Mario Maker For Nintendo 3DS Save Data Will Be Deleted If Used On More Than One 3DS

You may want to think twice before sharing your physical copy of Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS. If the game is inserted into someone else’s 3DS, your save data will need to be wiped off in order for it to be played on that system. This is because of how the hand-held version of Super Mario Maker works. When you begin using the game, new save data is created on both the game card and SD card; you need both files to continue playing. If someone else uses the same game card and wants to play on a different 3DS, the save data on it must be completely deleted before a new one can be created.

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        1. That doesn’t mean the cartridge does.
          3DS games usually save directly to the cartridge, so even if you put them in another system you can access your data, however, this game needs a large saving space because new data is added constantly, so it writes most of it on the SD card, thus switching systems makes it impossible for the game to access that data.
          This is literally how all disc-based games work, the consoles can’t write data into them, so they rely on the console to store saves for them, thus if you put the disc on another console it can be played but it won’t carry the saves.

          1. “usually” doesn’t mean always. It could always redownload new content as well as play with cartridge content only in a limited state.
            Bad programming has no excuse.

          2. The problem isn’t using the SD card, that’s fine, issue arised when they also decided to use cartridge storage.
            Pointless, and causes this problem where starting up a game file on a different console “bricks” your old sd-stored save data.

            This is different from disc-based games where the first console doesn’t lose its data just because you played the game on a second console.
            On the other hand; If they had any sense and used SD-storage only it would be like disc games amd everybody would be happy.

    1. Agree, completely screwed up doing that. My son loved Nintendo and wanted to work at Nintendo when he gets older. After I explained what they did he never wants to buy a nintendo product again. Countless hrs gone because his 4 yr old brother tried using the game in his 3DS. What was Nintendo thinking.

    1. It’s because the DS was killed because of piracy that came from flash cards. I’m guilty of this as well, as I had the R4 and Ackicard i (I think that’s it’s make).

      The 3ds started seeing games limited from development of other companies because a flash card exist on the 3DS handheld too. I think as much as NINTENDO tries to stop pirates, they really can’t and hurt the fans who don’t do these things with their practices similar to the HDD issues on the Wii U

          1. Super Mario Maker requires large storage space for the downloaded/created levels that the cartridge doesn’t have, so it saves all of that to the system memory.
            This is literally no different to any disc.-based game, the save data is on the system so putting them in another system makes it impossible to access it, it’s not rocket science.

            1. Wouldn’t that make no sense if you can put system data into a memory card and transfer it to another system? So why don’t they allow this? And if you try to switch one memory card to another system, it has you format the memory card because that was a piracy protection Nintendo put into their systems, no?

    2. How retarded do you have to be to not realize that this happens because this game is constantly creating new data that can’t fit on the cartridge so it puts it on the system memory.
      It’s literally the way all disc-based saving works.
      Do you also throw a fit because your Wii U version of the game doesn’t magically import all extra data to your friend’s console when you put the disc in it, or are you aware of how external saves work?

    1. Funny, I think it’s stupider how everyone here is throwing a fit over this, acting as if it’s DRM, when it’s actually just an insrtance of a 3DS game saving the way any Wii U game does, in the system memory, because of its storage requirements.
      Would you people complain about the Wii U version of this game because the disc doesn’t carry any saved levels to another system either?

      1. The difference is, when you let someone borrow your Wii U game, your save game data doesn’t get erased. If saving data on the cartridge alone is a problem, then all the save data should be stored on the system; not part on the card and part on the system.

  1. Lol glad I stuck with the Wii U version. What are you supposed to do if something happens to your 3DS? I guess Nintendo thinks their handheld is indestructable.

  2. That makes absolutely no sense. Literally every other 3DS game can be played on a different system other than the one it started in, why couldn’t/shouldn’t this one?

    For once, the 3DS port is truly inferior to the Wii U original, the platform the game should have STAYED on.

  3. Can you people be rational for just a fucking second and maybe think WHY its like this?

    Give up?

    Its a limitation of the game and the system. Remember when you first turned the game on and it had to create extra data for like 5 minutes. Thats where all of your levels and things are stored. Even if it didn’t delete your save when you put it in another 3DS, there wouldn’t be anything there because the majority, if not all, of the data is stored system side.

    Morons the lot of you

    1. Also, I know thats pretty much what the article says. Everyone needs to learn to read more than just the headline and immediately go throw a fit in the comments.

      1. We all read the article. I don’t think you understand the issue. There’s absolutely no reason for the game to store save files on both the system and game card. The save data should either all be on the card or all be on the system. Nintendo messed up.

        1. No I absolutely understand the issue. There’s simply not enough space on the cartridge to save everything you could possibly create. I haven’t looked into what it saves onto the cartridge, if anything, but all creations are saved to the extra data

          1. I’m also not entirely familiar with what exactly is saved and where it is saved, but according to the article essential data is saved on both the 3DS and game card; and both save files are needed to play. This could’ve been avoided if the game saved all esential information on the system. That way you could still let someone borrow your copy of the game without losing your data.

  4. Usually, 3DS save data goes on the game card, supplemental data (like DLC, patches, stuff like replays) goes on the SD card. It could very well be that the levels you create with Super Mario Maker are simply too big to save on the game card (and we know they can not be saved or shared online either)… hence the problem as reported here. From a user perspective, it’s pretty much unforgivable. Nintendo should fix their online services and interconnectivity asap, hopefully they do that with the Switch.

  5. It’s an external save imbeciles, all data is in the system memory, the game can’t find it on a different system so it resets itself, just like any fucking disc-based game does.

  6. This is why Nintendo is where they are in the console race. 4th place in a 3 man race!
    This shit literally makes NO SENSE! I can’t share my creations online now you’re telling me I can’t share the cartridge with friends?!!

    Hey Nintendo! FUCK OFF!!!

  7. There is always gonna be someone defending Nintendo. This bullshit apparently is no exception.

    Anyway, can people AT LEAST backup the save data from their game card to their SD card? If no, pfft. First they use DRM of always online with Super Mario Run & now this!? But I guess since it’s Nintendo, they can get away with it, huh, but god forbid someone like Microsoft does it, right!? I don’t give a fuck who does it or what they do it on but anyone doing any form of DRM is an asshole!

    And anyone using disc based video games to defend this is an idiot! Unlike disc based video games, where save data can’t be stored in any form, the save data on the PS4, Xbox One, or even the Wii U is not locked off from being reused with that disc if a friend uses it on their PS4, Xbox One, or Wii U! If Switch is cartridge based, let’s hope this incident with Super Mario Maker isn’t a sign of things to come!

    1. Interestingly there is a way to grab the cartridge save data and put it on your SD, but it’s only available as part of the tool that wipes your cartridge save and applies it to your digital copy of the same game. Obviously it requires that you own the digital copy, and there’s no way to get the save data back onto the cartridge.

      As for any digital game you own you may back up the save data (limited amount of slots regardless of storage capacity) in order to delete the game to make space, without losing your progress for later.

      Iow it’s possible, and they let you do it, just not in a useful context.

  8. I share one Super Mario Maker 3DS cart with my son by backing up his save file to PC with the Datel Action Replay Power Saves Pro. Then I can restore my save to the cart to use in my 3DS. When he wants to play I backup my save and then restore his. Nothing is lost. We never lose our personal saves this way and we share the one cart. It also lets you unlock all building tools on the cart as well without having to earn them. And, it only costs $20 bucks!

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