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Rumour: Another Set Of Potential Nintendo Switch Specs Leaked

While the Nintendo Switch leaks keep piling up, it’s still interesting to hear what the latest rumours are saying about the upcoming console. The latest rumour about the Switch’s specs come from the Chinese blogging site Baidu. However, the post seems to have been deleted since it was originally uploaded. According to a user on the website, the system will carry Pascal GPU architecture from NVIDIA, 4GB of RAM and an A73 ARM processor. Another titbit is the apparent 4319 mAh battery for the console’s portable mode. It’s impossible to either confirm or deny these claims, but these specs don’t seem out of the question. What do you think? Tell us below.



    1. I don’t think Nintendo will disclose hardware specs with the reveal. They didn’t with the Wii U afterall, so why would they now. Nintendo has maintained since the Wii that they are not about power (and are essentially about gimmicks–not to sound too cynical).

      I also think the Switch has likely been in production too long for it to have had the Pascal included. The Pascal is too new and the Switch, in terms of its development time, is too old.

      I’d bet anything that it’s carrying Maxwell, which doesn’t bother me personally. I know the reality is that graphics prowess does matter to the mainstream gamer (which causes me to worry about the Switch’s long-term success), but it isn’t what’s important to me. What does concern me, however, are rumors that the GPU will be downclocked, even in console mode, meaning that it will look worse even than an Nvidia Shield TV (of which I am a happy owner). Since the Shield TV is on par with the Xbox 360, this is potentially a step back from the previous generation. This is one rumor I hope is bullshit. If anything, I hope the GPU is overclocked, which would make sense, given all the Switch’s vents and whatnot.

      If it is overclocked, people should see this as a glass half full situation, because as a tablet/handheld, this thing will be a beast, regardless of whether it has Maxwell or Pascal technology, because Maxwell is still near the top of the heap in mobile GPU benchmark tests, even after all this time.

      1. I understand what you are trying to say but just because Pascal architecture is new doesn’t mean the Switch won’t have it in fact, since Nintendo has what seems like a long term partnership with Nvidia they could’ve informed Nintendo of Pascal long beforehand. Hardware development cycles change very often. And as far as the Switch’s GPU (docked or undocked) being on the Xbox 360’s level, I don’t believe that for a second. The Wii U is more powerful than both the Xbox 360 & PS3 so it wouldn’t make any sense for the Switch to be less powerful than its predecessor…even if it is a dedicated portable gaming device.

        Rumors from very credible journalists like Emily Rogers and Laura Kate Dale are saying that the Switch will be closer in power to the Xbox One just not as powerful. Also what you are forgetting is that the Switch will have very modern APIs that will make the system extremely easy to develop for and will help developers get the most out of the system. We will have to wait for further details but a lot of rumors as of late have been pointing to Pascal being the architecture for the Switch….but we will find out soon enough

      2. You’re greatly over-simplifying the Wii U > X360/PS3 thing. It has it’s advantages and disadvantages. The Wii U is more straight forward to develop for with the exception of its lack 128-bit SIMD unit, which the X360 and PS3 had. The PS3 Cell processor likely also had higher floating point performance. Bandwidth wise, I think the Wii U had the PS3 beat hands-down, but the X360 is a little harder to judge because of it’s 10MB of EDRAM with an internal bandwidth of 256GB/s.

        As for the Switch not being as powerful as the Wii U when it’s not docked, who said it wouldn’t be? Lets compare FLOP counts(which is stupid thing to do but…)

        Wii U = 550Mhz x 160 cores x 2 FLOPS per core per clock (1 MADD) = 176 GFLOPS

        Switch (undocked according to VB and DF) = 307.2MHz x 256 cores x 2 FLOPS per core per clock (1 MADD) = 157.3GFLOPS x 2 (double speed FP16) = 314.6 16-bit FLOPS

        I don’t know where anybody is getting the BS that the Shield TV is only as capable as the X360. There were some older games quickly ported to it which were from the Xbox 360 but that doesn’t mean that’s it’s maximum potential. Those X360 ports are running on OpengGL, not low-level APIs like the Xbox 360 and PS3 used. In other words, they’re CPU limited because all the work sending commands to the GPU is being done on one core. That being said, games like Doom 3: BFG Edition and Trine 2 run at 1080p with higher frame rates than they did on the X360 despite using OpenGL so it’s like Revengeance and Resident Evil were just bad ports.

        As for the X1 being underclocked even when docked, the dock apparently has a fan in it. If the actual tablet doesn’t have an active cooling solution and it has to rely on an external fan, then it wouldn’t be able to cool as well as the Shield TV. That would explain the underclock. That doesn’t it necessarily underperform the Shield TV though since the Switch will be running an OS where games are first-class citizens. Figure it won’t have to fight with other programs for memory and the OS won’t have random background services related to other apps running.

      1. Exactly! They wanted the Switch the be handheld/console hybrid but don’t want to accept any of the compromises it has to make.

  1. The wiiu will still get support in 2017 because of the small supply of nintendo switches at launch plus
    The nintendo switch does not have to be the start of the next generation does it . but something more like the ps4 neo and the Xbox scopio

  2. If this thing was seen by Ninty & they had it taken down before too many people could see it, I have to wonder how accurate something in this report actually was. Even if the Pascal thing is void because it’s not been around as long as Switch’s development, that battery part could have the potential of being accurate. *shrug* We’re so close to January 12th now, though, that it ultimately doesn’t matter as we’ll find out for sure soon enough. Maybe…

  3. remember nintendo is working on another console besides the nintendo switch just after anouseing and showing use a teaser trailer of the nintendo switch

    1. Not really.
      All signs point to them preparing to go software if the Switch fails.
      That job listing that i assume you’re hinting to, mentions knowledge of DirectX 12 being needed.. and there is no damn reason Nintendo would need someone who knows such knowledge unless Nintendo was planning to develop for PC and XBox console.

      And there is no damn way in hell that M$ would allow Nintendo to use their API on their own console.
      M$ is greedy like that… but it IS their property.

      1. No way will Nintendo be a software only company… are very delusional if you believe that

      2. Funny how all the fanboys say that.
        As much as i love Nintendo, i won’t blindly ignore the fact that if the Switch does not do well for the company, that’s it.. game over man.. game over!
        Nintendo is preparing to be something else, use of their IPs.. software on other hardware.
        Why else would they even fucking need someone who knows a god damn thing about DirectX?
        I’d say if anyone is delusional here it’s your fucking ass you god damn fucktard!
        Just fuck right off with you’re god damn insults.
        Continue to be blind that your beloved company is not perfect.
        None of them are.
        Any of them can end up like SEGA one day or another!
        And before some role-playing ass-munch comes along calling me a sonyan or xbot or some bullshit… i got fucking news for you.
        I’m not a god damn fanboy!
        I owe NO god damn loyalty to any of these corporations because they’re not loyal to me!
        I’m just a fucking dollar sign!
        And so are the rest of you!!!
        And the minuet the rest of you driveling idiots get that through your fucking skulls, you will be a lot better off!!!!!

      3. Sadly, some of us are on a very short fuse around here. Myself included at times.

      4. It wouldn’t be game over. They have the money to do absolutely nothing for like 5 years and still be good.

        It’s entirely possible that they need someone proficient at DirectX because they were thinking of supporting Windows 10 Mobile.

  4. When should nintendo stop making game consoles like saga nintendo does not need a new console every 5 years like the nintendo switch every so many years

  5. Nintendo needs a animal crossing game for the nintendo switch this time demand better games like blackbond says demand better games like supermariosunshine2 or another supermariogalaxy game or another pikmin game for the nintendo switch or a animal crossing or old IPS

    1. i agree. NVidia did say they are working on a custom chip for the switch,
      that’s is why after some research i think it would be based off a generation 2 maxwell chip which is almost as powerful as Pascal chip but not quite

  6. I saw a comment here complaining about 4GB of ram. I suppose I have two things. Nintendo’s OS usually are pretty minimal and having cartridges and ultra high speed sd cards might help with usable memory.

  7. The A73 design only became available to license in May. Considering that the Switch was apparently supposed to release in December, they would have had less than 7 months to implement it which may be viable for all I know.

    If that batteries voltage is 3.8v than that gives it less than half the capacity of the Pixel C(which ran an X1 at 850Mhz) which could get about 5 hours of battery life when running graphically intense things (partly because it throttles down and performance drops). It would be 16.4 Wh vs the Pixel C’s 34.2 Wh. If it’s voltage is 3.7v then it would be 15.98 Wh.

  8. How about instead of all these fucking rumors, we actually do the sensible thing and fucking wait and not think “Oh but the graphics? Or “3rd Party dev support? ” If Nintendo want to reveal their project they will when they are good and ready.

    So learn to wait for pete’s sake!

    I see that patience isn’t a thing anymore is it ?

    PLus it’s just a console that will have it’s time in the limelight then be forgotten like every other console before it, and i’m aware people/fanboys will say “but the switch is better than the wii u and all that bullshit, did you forget people said the same about the wii u? Oh yes i forgot gamers nower days only give a shit about graphics or sucking their prefered developer like a leech.

  9. I can see what this person means why are we showing so much interest in specs of a system when the machine isn’t even out yet rumors aren’t everything.

  10. oh come on!! Screaming at each other about rumors regarding specs and insulting each other for having unlimited faith in Nintendo is always fun to watch. It’s just inside the gamer’s soul.

    Yeah, no nintendo diehard fan will ever want Nintendo to go Software only, and yeah, they will buy watever shitty console Nintendo might launch (I include myself). But that is Ok. The wii U did not live up to the gaming’s community expectations, and Ninetendo lost a whole bunch of “potential” moeny with the Wii u. But then again, So what? We are gamers, not business people. Our only interest for Nintendo’s succes is that they continue to exist so they can keep making the games that we love so much. And we want Nintendo to also have it’s own hardware so it is not “opressed” by Microsoft and Sony if they ever where to make a game for their consoles. Having it’s own hardware gives nintendo an awesome freedom when it comes to developing games.

    So yeah, accept it, the switch will be inferior to the PS4 and the Xbox1 when it come sto power and graphics. So what? Why the fuck is that so fucking important?

    The 3ds sucks compared to the PSVita whe it comes to power but I think everyone can agree that the 3ds has been the best handheld ever.

    So lets just be realistic. The switch might have a short battery life, worse graphics than the wii u, and very limited power compared to its competitiros, and might be pretty expensive. It might not even have enough 3rd party support and we might just get a decent Nintendo game every 3-5 months. Accept it.

    If you need graphics, 3rd party support, power… then jsut buy a PC, PS4 or an Xbox 1. The Switch is not made for you. And If you are only interested in the Switch because you want to play the next Zelda, then accept that you are going to have to deal with all that.

    I have A wii U, a new 3ds, an Xbox 1 and recently a PS4. And truth is that when I get home I only desire to play nintendo games. Yeah many other games might be good, incredible or a must try, but I stil preffer the Nintendo fun, the nintendo feel. And Some might say that i am just a a nintendo dicksucking fanboy. And it might be that way, but at least I do not complain constantly because supposedly Nintendo “is doing things wrongly” or because “Nitnedo is not doing wha ti want them to do”.

    All of you are complaining about the Swtich’s specs as if that were important at all. And some of you are saying that you should discuss that when you get the official details (which I also think is a mistake). The only reason for buying a console are its games and how well they play in teh console. Power does not matter at all if the games can offer an fun and engagin gameplay. If you are looking for something else than that then just forget about Nintendo. Your are not made for nintendo and nintendo is not made for you, so stop complaining.

    Nintendo could just launch a new 16bit console and produce new 16bit games as their main focus and I would still buy that console if it offered fun games with engagin gameplay.

    Only people who want to play the main “AAA” multiplatform games complain about nintendo’s power and about nintendo’s financial situation. They just feel so “pist” at having to pay 300€ just to play zelda and matio kart, that they complain online so that nintendo receives hate and ends up making game for other platforms so they do not have to pay for nintendo’s hardware.

    And if you complain becaus you do not want to buy a console that will loose supports after a while, then sorry to tell you the truth, but that is just something that you can never know at launch. There is always that risk, and Nintedo might even make a ton of awesome game. But if poeple prefer to play other kind of games (Call of Duty, GTA…) then the console it might loose support, like the wii u.

    But still, a good game is one that you do not get bored of playing. I haven’t stop playing MK8, SMash, and Splatoon since they came out. 3 game that do not et me bored and that I can play everyday is more thna I trully need. Just with an ocasional Zelda, Mario every year is more than enough to make me feel that my money was worth it.

    Yay… Nintendo style forever!!

  11. 4gb ram should be fine considering it is now a cartridge/card based software peripheral that acts like a solid state drive so you don’t need as much ram to load like a cd/dvd rom which puts as much data on to the ram before you can do anything.

  12. We don’t know what the specs is, we know that nvidia and Nintendo have put in a ton of effort in this system and that it’s heavily customized and that they seems to have tried to make it really easy for third party developers to produce game for it.
    And it will be alot more powerful than the Wii U either way. I would also recommend checking in to the channel spawn wave as he really know what he’s talking about.

  13. Also worth to note.
    Wii U operating system: 1GB of ram
    Xbox one operating system: 5GB of ram
    Ps4 operating system: 4.5GB of ram.
    So basically all the systems will have the same amount of ram dedicated for games.

  14. Why are people so concerned about specs? Want specs? Buy a PS4 or an Xbox. Or a PC.

    This is Nintendo. It’s not about hardware and it never was.

  15. Whatever it is nintendo need to stop faveing about with changeing there mind with the build with whatever chips are going to be used or cpu & gpu rates just go ahead use the more high end tegra chip what cars use or very high end graphics cards use in terms of hi gpu & gpu and a high graphics card to serpass ps4 or xbox one would be to complicated for nintendo and difficult to pull off

  16. What I cant understand is ps4 4.5 gb of ram but is to much dump not just twich error reports & notifications can nt be deleted developers are the best in the industry’s & choose stupid update ideas what android users er dum that just reminds me a need to go for a dump ha ha

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