Laura Dale Says That The Composer Of The Mario & Rabbids Crossover RPG Game Is Grant Kirkhope

Remember the rumors of that Mario and Rabbids crossover RPG game that is allegedly coming to the Nintendo Switch? Well, more developments have arisen. Laura Dale has spoken up with a few tweets on Twitter, where she says that she has “two sources” indicating that Grant Kirkhope is composing music for the game. She clarified that this is info straight from her sources and not a prediction. To add fuel to the fire, Kirkhope made a tweet teasing that he has a “super secret thing that can’t be talked about yet”. Nothing’s official, obviously, but it’s rather fitting that 2016 ends for Nintendo the same way it began: rumors about their upcoming console.

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  1. They are definitely making big deal out of this crossover, assuming she’s telling the truth.

    Still not sure if good music will distract from the Rabbids’ loudness in the actual game. Let’s hope there will be some good party members involved, even if they happen to be the usual Mario spinoff characters.

  2. Why did you post a picture of Super Mario Sunshine?? You made my heart skip!! I thought Laura Dale would predict Mario Sunshine 2/HD for the Switch!!

  3. That bitch is behind some drama because of her patreon, mark my words. Please stop posting her leaks.

  4. @The Man of Brisk Film and game composers often write and record the entire soundtrack in a matter of weeks. It’s entirely possible Kirkhope’s been finished with both games for a while now.

  5. Ha, good luck trying to sell this game Ubisoft and Nintendo.

    It’s definitely going to flop as much as Tokyo Mirage Sessions did.

    1. Blah (aside form you’re usual anti-Anime/game and nintendo fanboy elitism silliness in this site) I do agree for once that the Mario rabbits crossover is really weird. I have yet to see anything form the Switch that can top the PlayStation Experience in 2016.

  6. This is very random! :/ Correct me if I´m wrong, but he had absolutly no relationship to the Rabbids- or Mario-games in the past, so why should he make the music for this crossover? Why aren´t Nintendo and/or Ubisoft making the soundtrack?

  7. This is probably the ONLY website that refers to her as “Laura Dale” lol. I just think that’s amusing ( not in a bad way )

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