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Could The Nintendo Switch Be Launching On Friday, March 17th?

One thing we do know about the Nintendo Switch is that it is launching in March, but we shall have to wait until January 12th to find out the exact date. Reddit user King_Of_Rad_Lions believes he may have discovered exactly when the console will arriving on store shelves.

“Since MyNintendo began, pretty much every reward has expired on the first of a month to make room for new rewards. However, many of the recently added rewards expire in the middle of a month- more specifically, on a random Thursday in March (3/16).”

“Since the Switch will likely launch on a Friday, could the fact that most of the rewards cycle out on Thursday the 16th suggest that new Switch centered rewards and the Switch itself will release on the 17th?”




  1. When you consider that the rumours were already suggesting a March 17th launch then this is good supporting evidence. We’ll be finding out very soon!

    1. Are you sure this is really the case anymore? Nintendo have been moving their general releases in the US from Sunday to Friday, and on the hardware side the New 3DS for example was released on a Friday. I think a global release of 17th March is not unlikely.

  2. If it does release on the 17th, that works beautifully for so many people. Anyone who gets weekends off will have all that time to play and enjoy the system.

  3. If they are going for a global release then Friday is perfect, if they are not then Sunday sounds good.

  4. If you ask me, it’s a stupid idea to place Switch demos in stores around the world in January, but not let people buy the system until March. This might confuse alot of casuals (CoD players included). They might think, it’s just an arcade.

    1. You mean like how they did with the Wii U? And the Wii? And the GameCube? They may have done it earlier, those are just the ones I personally experienced.

    2. They shouldn’t put up this system as a demo until February. January is them playing it safe in fear no one will know the game is out. Nintendo needs to market their system in a different way, either through Hulu, YouTube, and phone ads, and through mass media. The Wii U was so unnoticed at launch.

      1. January is only in a select few places so I think in February they might send out 1 Switch to Best Buy’s and other places.

  5. The NES and SNES were released on Friday, however the N64 was released on Thursday, Spt. 26, 1996 then the last 3 systems, Gamecube, Wii and WiiU, were all launched on Sunday in the USA…I think the big “N” will continue that and Sunday, March 15th 2017 will be the date

  6. It would make a lot of sense based on this theory. I say theory, because these can only be people guessing, remember. We will only know the outright truth come January 12th, so take this theory with a pinch of salt for now.

  7. I’d assume that it would come out on that date anyway. I’ve been saving up a dollar a day for it for quite a while so if it is 250-300 as expected, then I’ll definitely be buying it day one unless the conference coming up is truly terrible.

  8. Why don’t we wait until there’s actually confirmed games, when there is actual confirmed specs, and when we have a real idea on how long this thing can last outside. And if Nintendo was really smart, they would team up with carriers to push data plans with the switch so people can play online outside with other switch members next to them. That would make local co-op to play online even a greater experience.

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