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Japan: JR lines Are Now Advertising The Public Nintendo Switch Event

It looks as though Nintendo is really ramping up its marketing ahead of the Nintendo Switch events that are due to take place this month across the globe. Reddit user Metayoshi has discovered that the Nintendo Switch public event is being advertised on Japanese JR lines to help drum up consumer interest in the event which is sure to be huge regardless of the advertisement. January is going to be one big month for Nintendo.




  1. Nintendo is ready to attack, they already ahead of what Wii U lacked, which was heavy advertising which really makes a positive sales impact.
    Way to promote the Switch and not slack.

  2. Sickr, I watch you post everyday and sometimes I cant think of a thing to say. Now I hope they play,
    Pikmin 4 and mention a realease date with no delay. If thats okay.

  3. Tired of all these Switch news… I just want to know when the NES will finally be available to people who don’t want to feed a scalper.

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