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Laura Dale: Details On Multiple Ubisoft Games Coming To Switch In 2017

Continuing her streak of Nintendo Switch rumours, industry insider Laura K. Dale has claimed to have details on several Ubisoft games coming to Nintendo’s upcoming console. The previously rumoured game that pits Mario against the Rabbids has been dubbed Rabbids Kingdom Battle by Dale. However, according to her rumour, this odd crossover isn’t the only Ubisoft game coming to Switch in its first year. It seems that Ubisoft wants to make up for the low Wii U sales of Rayman Legends by re-releasing it on the new system. Like all of Dale’s claims, these should be taken with a grain of salt. However, there’s only a few weeks until Nintendo reveals all.


  1. Damn Ubisoft seems to be heavily supporting the Switch but of course this was the case with the Wii U too when it launched. Hopefully they will stick around for the long haul and don’t bail out if the Switch’s sales starts slowing down but for the time being this is great news

      1. My fellow Nintendo Emperor, I have returned. Happy new year. Let decimate these xbot peasants; obliterating the Sony drone minions while we are at it.

          1. Narutard… you still sucking on Sony and Quackbitch’s dick much throughout the Holidays?

  2. Damn, Rayman Legends better have ton of new content for this late of a port to make any sense, lol.

    1. Or cost $30. Because ive picked up that game for like $5 on steam and like $10 on both my XBO and PS4. And have gotten it free with GWG.

  3. Nintendrones, let me tell you Obinna loves you.
    the leaks pleases him beyond words…
    there won’t be surprises, people won’t be surprised because everything has been said.
    stocks will fall like the head of the so called Nintendo Commander Quadraxis, investors won’t be happy, the media and analist are ready to bash Nintendo due to the lack of surprises.
    Do not worry for the xbox realm welcomes all of you
    the purge of QUadraxis…
    has begun.

    – Church of Sasori

  4. Still not planning on buying another product that involves those damn Rabbids.

    I’d rather buy the Rayman Legends port in this case.

  5. Played Rayman Legends to death so it’s unlikely I’ll be buying it for the Switch. I will be buying the new Rabbids game however.

  6. Wonder if it will be a straight port or if they’ll throw in a Link costume for Rayman or something
    And what’s with all the stupid role-playing in the comments?

  7. I hope the new Assassin’s Creed game is a lot better than what I heard the movie was like. Which I’m sure it will be, since movies based on games always suck. I also hope it comes out on the Switch. Then I won’t have to buy the PS4 version.

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