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Laura Dale: Beyond Good And Evil 2 Has A New Title And Will Be A Timed Switch Exclusive

Industry insider Laura K. Dale can’t seem to stop spilling Nintendo Switch rumours. This round of claims covers the fate of Beyond Good and Evil 2. According to Dale, the game has been renamed Beyond Good And Evil Odyssey and will be a timed Switch exclusive for 12 months. It seems that while Nintendo will have the game exclusively for a year, it will eventually make its way to PS4, Xbox One and PC. We still don’t know if any of Laura’s claims will come to pass, but there isn’t long until the Switch presentation later this month.


    1. But I’m going to be little disappointed if Nintendo got on to this money hatting shit.
      It’s one thing to pay for exclusive games, you fund it, you get it. But these timed exclusives and exclusive dlc deals and such are stupid.

      1. Well blame everyone that kept saying they should “get with the times.” Be careful what you wish for.

      2. Most of the time a timed exclusive is because it was funded significantly more by one of the companies, that way they can get it first and help their console. Its not stupid its good business.

  1. I’m just happy we’re getting the game period. I expect to see a lot of asshurtness, bitching and complaining even though it’s a timed exclusive like the Final Fantasy VII remake. January 12th can’t come soon enough…..I’m so ready

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  2. Nintendo paid for this, it is good and bad. In a sense, because one we get the game, two Nintendo shall also be a little dirty this time around.

  3. This is such a stupid idea. BG&E is more niche than Bayonetta coupled with the fact that it’s only a timed exclusive. Most people will probably wait the 12 months.

    At least Bayonetta 2 forced people to buy a Wii U.

    1. You are wrong, people shall buy this game on release like hot crumpets. Say good bye to ps4 dominance in free games ( which it still does not have ), say goodbye to any hope xbot peasants ever had.

  4. “Hey, guys. Laura here. So, instead of letting you guys wait until Nintendo’s official announcement next week, i decided to throw random statements that might (or not) be true ahead of them just because. I hope that until next week, before Jan 12th, i will have more info to give you guys so that no one will watch Nintendo’s Stream and be surprised about anything (or you might, since i can’t confirm 100% any of this info here, anyway). You can thank me later. BTW, help to spread the word. Have a nice day!!! xoxo

    PS: Suck on that, Emily ‘Fail’ Rogers. FIRRRRST!1! LOL ;)”

    1. Great. Before you know it, I might get more information about it. Here is the story so far.

      In the city, we play as Jade amid huge buildings, she’s searching for her uncle Pey’j, the latter having been kidnapped. This is a semi-open world game, a bit like in The Last of Us, in which we can observe passersby, cars, evolving independently of our actions. Pey’j is equipped with a GPS chip, but a jammer is implemented by his captors. So we are moving in the city and asking passersby if they’ve seen Pey’j by showing a picture (Jade is always equipped with her camera). A man tells us that he saw him go into a tower nearby. Two choices are available to us, infiltration, as in the first game, or a more brutal approach. The development team stating that NPCs were not yet sufficiently programmed to respond to our actions, we decided to play the infiltration. We borrow the pipes leading to a grid from which we can hear a conversation between two guards. “A big pig was caught, the chief needs us on the 52nd floor.” They leave, allowing us to reach the elevator that is unfortunately out of service. A voice surprises us: “You should never have come here! ” The cables of the elevator are breaking, two possibilities emerge: Forcing the door or open the hatch above. Indeed, as in Heavy Rain for example, each decision has a more or less significant impact on the course of the story. We choose the hatch, which leads to an explosive action scene, at least as powerful as the train scene Uncharted 2 for connoisseurs. In a hurry, we climb fastly to catch the ledge before the second elevator arrives on us. With her staff, Jade grabs the building’s ledge, she’s at 52 floors above the ground. Breathless, she will say only two words “I’m coming. ”

      What do you think?

    1. I’m so looking forward to this game! I bet there is more surprising info about Jade. She’s still a reporter. What other stuff will they have?

  5. I have some questions in mind.

    1.) Who is the all new villain for the sequel?
    2.) Who are the old characters besides Jade? Who are the new characters for sequel?
    3.) Where is the game going to take place? What is the setting?

    If there are questions about Beyond Good and Evil 2, I look forward to it.

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