The Amazing Spider-Man Games Vanish From The Wii U eShop

It seems like the licenses for both of Activision’s Amazing Spider-Man games have expired, because the two games have been pulled from the Wii U eShop. Interestingly, any mention of the games has also been removed from the Nintendo website. If you want to play either of these games now, you’ll have to use your ‘spidey sense’ to track down a physical copy. It’s always sad to see a game vanish from the eShop, even if these ones are far from amazing.

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  1. This game as old as it was, was always full priced anyway. Im pretty sure people weren’t going to be buying. And also activision been activision.

  2. The first one didnt even arrive on the eShop until a year + after the physical release. Would have bought it at launch if it had been digital… but the bad reviews got to me first.

  3. Probably something to do with licensing issues. We saw a similar thing with the Scott Pilgrim game on 360 and PS3 a while back, which unlike these was actually a good game.

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