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Here’s Some More Information About The Nintendo Switch Presentation Live From Tokyo

Find out more about Nintendo Switch by watching the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017, live from Tokyo. Visit on Friday January 13th, at 4 a.m. (UK time) to hear about new Nintendo Switch details you won’t want to miss!

The livestream will be broadcast in Japanese with English voiceover, and key announcements will be published in on the official Nintendo UK Twitter account.


  1. All I want to know is can I watch it later at a reasonable hour and have a link to it without having to wade through all the updates/announcements.

    1. My guess is most likely. They’re often streaming live via YouTube simultaneously, and that medium allows you to scrub backwards. That way you can watch from the beginning, without having to wait for a complete vid to replay.
      (I may be misunderstanding what you’re asking – if so, sorry!).

      1. For some reason, Ive not had luck doing this with Nintendo’s livestreams. Every other channel I sub to I have been able to do this with ease, but for some reason, if I open a live broadcast from Nintendo Im not able to chose where I start the vid. Im stuck on the live part of the stream. Anyone else have that problem? Maybe its because Im using the youtube on Wii U

          1. That might be it, because I’ve also had issues with live videos on the Wii U in general). I usually end up Chromecasting from my phone.

            I think what I’ve done is I start on one method, and depending on quality I always end up switching to something else (YouTube to Nintendo or vice versa). The rule is, for me, the less buffered channel will be whatever isn’t the first device I use haha.

        1. Do you not understand how live streams work? If it’s live, you have to watch it live. It’s the same watching any program on tv. When it’s live it plays. If you record it you can start from any point you want. When the live stream is over, it becomes a normal video. So you can start it at any point, skip around, whatever. Basically streams that are live cannot have the location changed until its over.

  2. I will be sleeping all day just to watch it fully at night. But on the 12 i will be so hype that i may not need to sleep at all.

  3. Can you watch the livestream after the stream is done because when the livestream starts im still sleeping and need to sleep.

  4. All I want to know is when Breath Of The Wild will be released for both Wii U and Switch. I’m not buying Switch until next year. (I want the system to release with a decent library not relying on ports and VC, like the past 2 generations seemed to have been heavy on).

  5. There better be a way to put a protective case around the screen and controls. One drop and it’s all over.

  6. About damn time they made a livestream with a reasonable Time Slot! I ALWAYS had to wait for 12am or 1am…

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