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Liam Robertson Reveals More Information About The Mario And Rabbids RPG For Nintendo Switch

One of the more curious titles we have heard about for the Nintendo Switch is Rabbids Kingdom Battle. The game is a joint development between Nintendo and Ubisoft and stars Nintendo’s very own mascot, Mario, and also Ubisoft’s popular Rabbids. The game is set in the Mushroom Kingdom with the Rabbids dimensions invading it. Investigative journalist Liam Robertson has provided some more information on the mysterious game in a series of tweets.

I haven’t played it myself, but I hear it is closer to a strategy RPG style thing like X-Com than a conventional RPG.

I don’t know what the title is. There was a rumoured name a little while back that had “Mushroom Kingdom Battle” in the title, I think.

It’s set in the Mushroom Kingdom and the rabbids dimension is sort of invading it. Most of the enemies are evil/warped rabbids.

It does feature Mario and various other main series characters. Nintendo has apparently been very controlling of how they are used.

There are also rabbids themed around various Mario characters like Mario and Luigi (costumed rabbids, that sorta thing).

It was Ubisoft who pitched the game to Nintendo a while ago. Nintendo gave them the thumbs up and was happy to do it and closely oversee.

Gameplay is largely strategy based. There are many weapons and there is a focus on equipping your characters with the appropriate weaponry.

The game is content complete and localised, ready to ship. Has been since late last year.


Thanks to awesomeaussie27 for the tip!


  1. Yeah, the more I hear, the more I dislike. I’d rather they just tried to do something different with just the Mario series, not a crossover.

    1. What about when Mario was being developed by square, the RPG was the best, so just give them a try

  2. I suppose, magnettoa, I cannot have any complaints whatsoever if there is both.

    For me though there are so many Mario universe characters i’d like to see a different direction but still within the Mushroom Kingdom (like they’re bringing Rabbids in). Anyway, i’ll reserve any further judgment until next week. NEXT. WEEK.

  3. As much as I love the Mario RPG series and Grant Kirkhopes music, I will not touch anything with Rabbids in it. Unless the crossover is extremely minor I’m gonna try to forget such a thing exists.

  4. So the Paper Mario series is discouraged from having new original characters and it’s original format. Yet it’s perfectly fine with Miyamoto and company that this is supposedly going to be a thing?

  5. Rabbids games were extremely fun when you got people to play with, they are party games after all, and the first 3 games didn’t dissappoint. Rabbids as characters can’t be so bad since Illumination Studios ripped-of from them to make the Minions so, I can see a RTS with lots of charisma. If Nintendo was involved in the development, I don’t think it will be a bad game, but let’s just see.

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