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EB Games Has A Countdown For The Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017

The Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 is set to take place in a few more days, and EB Games is so pumped that it is displaying a digital countdown for the event on its website. The retailer is also listing the first details about the upcoming console, as well as several images that highlight some of its main features – such as its detachable Joy-Con controllers that can offer a variety of gameplay options. The Nintendo Switch presentation will be held on Thursday, January 12, at 8 p.m. PT.


25 thoughts on “EB Games Has A Countdown For The Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017”

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    1. Another let down? Nintendo has never failed me unlike the ps4 and xbox and vita. PC and Nintendo is the true couple masterpieces. My personal opinion. I been gaming since 5, with the supernintendo ive own all consoles thos far and the only was i always end up selling back is playstation and xbox.

    1. It used to be Electronic Boutique (EB,) Games N’ Gandgets, EB World, and EB Kids. After they meged all their stores together, thats when the EB Games brand came in. Later on they cut a deal with Gamestop which is when they merged together.

      Another interesting tidbit. GAME (the uk game store) is called GAME because of EB Games. They are the ones that made that change. EB Games owned about a quarter of GAME stock, and I belive that made them the majority holders at the time. I forget the original name but I dont think that name lasted long.

        1. I dont think Gamestop owns GAME to be honest. I believe that by the time that GS got their hands on EB, GAME was already owned by someone else. I remember reading around the time the Wii U launched that GS was trying to buy off GAME, nothing really came of it though.

          GAME was having problems stocking a few major games at the time, because they kept breaking street dates. it got so bad that they almost had to close down. Thats when someone came in and bought them, but I dont think it was gamestop. I forget who it was

  2. How exciting! Almost there. Still I need to wait for Beyond Good and Evil 2 Odyssey (Ubisoft) to come out on the Switch.
    I haven’t played Legend of Zelda (Nintendo) in a long time. I also know Project Sonic (Sega) is on the list. Just Dance (Ubisoft) is on the list, too.

    I’ll try and keep an eye out for Beyond Good and Evil 2 Odyssey. BTW, who is the new villain for BG&E 2? Who is the new voice cast for it?

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