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Koei Tecmo Rumoured To Working On Another Nintendo Warriors Game

It looks like we could be getting another Nintendo themed Warriors game from Koei Techmo. According to YouTube user OBE1plays, the developer has been working on their second Nintendo crossover since they finished making Hyrule Warriors back in 2014. While he didn’t say which Nintendo franchise they would be using, Laura Dale has chimed in saying it won’t be Zelda or the rumoured Star Fox Warriors. While it should be remembered this is just another rumour, two sources are certainly better than one. Which Nintendo franchise would you liked to see Koei Tecmo tackle next?

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85 thoughts on “Koei Tecmo Rumoured To Working On Another Nintendo Warriors Game”

      1. I didn’t even care for Hyrule Warriors tbh. It was a fun game but short, and the side missions just felt like grinding rather then anything rewarding.

  1. If I have to guess, I would say it’s fire emblem. It already has the war and fighting theme. I can’t remember any other franchise, which would fit the warriors theme.

  2. I reckon it’s Mario Warriors, as the T-shirt that Miyamoto was wearing during the Jimmy Fallon show (with Mario Run and the Switch on it) showed Mario dressed up as Yukimura Sanada from Samurai Warriors.

      1. More likely it’s a new power up for the upcoming Mario game. It’s possible I suppose, but Mario doesn’t translate to the Warriors formula very well at all.

        Unfortunately, with Nintendo’s love affair with Fire Emblem, it’s a 99.99% chance that we will get exactly that… Fire Emblem.

    1. Ridley 4 Smash Switch X3 (Dragon Ball Super & the Buu Saga of Dragon Ball Z Kai both air 1/7/17 on ! Yay!)

      After Other M & FedshitForce, we deserve a main entry first before we get a second spin off.

    2. Ridley 4 Smash Switch X3 (Dragon Ball Super & the Buu Saga of Dragon Ball Z Kai both air 1/7/17 on ! Yay!)

      So unless a new Metroid game gets announced alongside a Metroid Warriors/Musou game, I’ll be slightly disappointed.

  3. No Star Fox? aww..

    Kid Icarus or Metroid would be cool in theory, but neither really has a whole lot to work with in terms of characters – Uprising’s entire cast only amounts to the initial roster of Hyrule Warriors.

    Pokemon could be fun, they’d have loads of options for playable characters and bosses. I’m not much of a Fire Emblem fan but that seems likely too.

    What about Mother/Earthbound?

    1. I wouldn’t say that about Kid Icarus. Everyone from Uprising would be great, and there’s no reason Koei Tecmo can’t create some characters of their own to pad it out a bit.

    2. Ridley 4 Smash Switch X3 (Dragon Ball Super & the Buu Saga of Dragon Ball Z Kai both air 1/7/17 on ! Yay!)

      To be fair, when the first entry in Dynasty & Samurai of their respective Warrior/Musou franchises started out, their roster’s were only around 12 characters. If they intend to make these into standalone franchises of their own at some point, it’s a smart idea to start off with a small roster with the initial games.

  4. Hyrule warriors was fun at first…. Till they scammed the wiiu owners. I honestly don’t know if I will be open minded to this one.

    (If rosalina or daisy make it in I’m getting it day one…. But I I’ll be crying as I hand them my money.)

    1. But this time they won’t have another console to screw us over with. They gunna drop 3DS as soon as Switch hits 5 million mark. And next handheld will be Switch compatible.

      1. If the Switch sells well, there won’t be a new handheld.

        Nintendo want to stop the split between console and handheld divisions, and have them all exclusively make games for one system. It prevents game droughts.

        Think back to how the DS was announced. Nintendo said it was a “third pillar” in their strategy, alongside the Game Boy line and the console line. They said this for two reasons. IF the DS had sold very well (which it did) they would replace the Game Boy with it. However, if it flopped, and the second screen didn’t work out, they were going to immediately make and release a new Game Boy.

        It’s the same here with the Switch. If it sells well, they will phase out the 3DS slowly. If it doesn’t sell well, they will have to squeeze more life out of the “New” 3DS and work on the next DS system, and try again at the console. There is literally no need for a 3DS if the Switch sells well, as it’s fully portable. It saves Nintendo manufacturing costs, prevents game droughts (in fact, with the both handheld/console divisions making games for the Switch, there will be a flood of games) and is their ultimate goal, combining console/handheld together forever.

    2. Ridley 4 Smash Switch X3 (Dragon Ball Super & the Buu Saga of Dragon Ball Z Kai both air 1/7/17 on ! Yay!)

      As long as Switch doesn’t end up like Wii U, I don’t think we have to worry about exclusives going to a handheld.

      1. All dlc was free for the 3ds or so and they included a few more characters. So the wii u players are relatively screwed

      2. Ridley 4 Smash Switch X3 (Dragon Ball Super & the Buu Saga of Dragon Ball Z Kai both air 1/7/17 on ! Yay!)

        Because the 3DS got a version.

      3. At the start yes, wiiu did eventually get to pay for it but the stories and etc as well as levels stayed exclusive to the 3ds. Also all dlc that where on wiiu where put into the 3ds version free…. So there’s that

  5. I would love a Kid Icarus themed Nintendo warriors game. There are so many characters they can choose from that could easily have great move sets: Pit, Palutena, Hades, Viridi, Magnus and the list goes on. It could also have a title that fits with the theme of ‘{Land where main characters live} with Warriors put in front of it’ with a title called Skyworld Warriors. I think it would work very nicely. It could also feature full voice acting since they could have the cast of Kid Icarus Uprising reprise their roles here. There are also plenty of enemies to choose from and it has been shown that Kid Icarus can work well in a 3D space with Kid Icarus: Uprising being a prime example.

    This is what I’m really hoping for.

  6. Ridley 4 Smash Switch X3 (Dragon Ball Super & the Buu Saga of Dragon Ball Z Kai both air 1/7/17 on ! Yay!)

    If they want to experiment with giving us a huge ass fucking roster like what the Warriors Orochi franchise did, Fire Emblem or a unified Nintendo universe would be good options for a new Warriors/Musou game based on a Nintendo property.

      1. Ridley 4 Smash Switch X3 (Dragon Ball Super & the Buu Saga of Dragon Ball Z Kai both air 1/7/17 on ! Yay!)

        As long as you think the franchise is stupid & not the people that buy it, you’re okay with me. xD

        1. Everyone has their own taste in games. It’s their choice what they like. I just wish I could understand the appeal of some games. I wish I loved ALL games. I’d have much more variety to choose from. I loved Hyrule Warriors, but didn’t experience any of the DLC. Which is my experience with most games.

  7. Christopher whitelegge

    The earth bound series. Aka mother series maybe or it might be star fox or super Mario or possibly metroid

  8. I think Kid Icarus is the most fitting game series for Koei’s Warriors series. The gameplay of Uprising actually isn’t too far off when you think about it. Going through levels bashing or shooting enemies with a large selection of weapons. The only thing from the combat that’s not in Kid Icarus Uprising already (that I can think of right now) is combos, but dare I say, it might even have more potential (aside from fan service) than Zelda.

    1. but from how nintendo has handled kid icrus in the past 5 years make me belive they dont have anything planned for that franchise (hell they never even tweeted out pits 30th anavesary last month) but i do agree wholeheartly.

  9. Yay, more Warriors is about to be milked….

    While here I am wondering if Tecmo will ver give us a new Ninja Garden game. You can’t just call it quits just because the last game (III/Razor’s Edge) sucked.

    1. Ridley 4 Smash Switch X3 (Dragon Ball Super & the Buu Saga of Dragon Ball Z Kai both air 1/7/17 on ! Yay!)

      If they have given up on Ninja Gaiden, maybe they figure that if EA can cancel Medal of Honor because the latest entries failed that maybe they can do the same with NG. :/

  10. This is inevitable, let’s hope they finally add online coop to this game its just such a wonderful game omg, on the Switch I can only imagine. And let’s hope they finally use actual warriors from Zelda … >. > it kills me that they forgot so many real warrior from Zelda also lets hope Boftw adds even more warriors to the mix on this game from Zelda ugh. What about the Zora’s army so on so forth. The Sky is the limit with this new amazing IP.

  11. Pokémon! What? They got a Tekken styled game. Why not a Warriors one? And in it, Mega Evolution could be achived through filling up a gage with combos! Plus, Pikachu running around in an adorable warrior outfit, oh that would be so cute!

  12. While it could easily be Mario or Fire Emblem, and both would be interesting, I think Kid Icarus has the best yet most surprising chance.

    Why? Because there have been so few Kid Icarus games that the series has the best ability to go from genre to genre. Mario is best known as a platformer, and Fire Emblem is a turn-based strategy game first and foremost. Kid Icarus, of its three games, has been a platformer in two of them and a third-person shooter in the most recent title over 20 years since its last installment. If the next Kid Icarus is a Dynasty Warriors-style game and it counts as a main series game- not a spinoff- no one would bat an eye. KI has no established genre; it can shift more easily than Mario or Fire Emblem can, even if FE fits the setting more closely or if Mario’s popularity stomps every other series (plus I personally would think it bizarre to see Mario and Luigi running around sending scores of goombas flying from a single punch).

    And the potential for characters is great- Pit, Dark Pit, Palutena, Medusa, Viridi, Hades, Thanatos, Arlon, Magnus, Gaol, Phosphora, Dyntos… And that’s just playable. Bosses could include Twinbellows, Pandora (both forms, if Amazon form isn’t playable), Hewdraw, Great Reaper, Chaos Kin… Plus any new characters introduced, which should be a given.

    Just my two cents.

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  14. Although Nintendo Everything was done of the first to run this article yesterday, actually did a Fire Emblem article the day before and shared the following rumored information :

    Koei Tecmo’s next Warriors game is in fact Fire Emblem related.
    Fire Emblem Warriors is NOT its title.
    It does take some inspiration from Hyrule Warriors. (It’s not been clarified to what extent, but my guess would be similar story progression and narrated storytelling, along with a plot that will bring characters from different titles together.)
    The game is halfway through development. Will be finished this year, but release will not be until Q1 2018.
    There will be plenty of dlc to keep us playing long after release.
    This game will be shown during the Nintendo Switch Presentation next week.
    This is not the game Sarah Blandy is lending her voice to.

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  16. At last Nintendo switch will be fire emblem console fire emblem is the best way I want to play with black Knight power of daien

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