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PlatinumGames Wants To Create A New IP Within The Next Three Years

Celebrating their company’s 10th anniversary, the president of PlatinumGames has said he wants to create an entirely original IP within the next three years. This is certainly an interesting goal, Platinum having moved to developing more licensed games over the past few years. PlatinumGames has had a great relationship with Nintendo over the last generation, so there’s a chance this new property could come to the Switch. What do you want to see next from Platinum? Tell us below.

Last year, PlatinumGames celebrated its 10th anniversary, and it proved to be a major turning point in our company’s history. We’ve worked hard to reorganize our company in order to achieve further progress in the next 10 years, such as by reforming the company structure and by improving the working conditions. I have also told all of the company staff about my intentions to create a completely new and original company-owned IP within 3 years. Ever since PlatinumGames was founded, we’ve always dreamed of owning our own IP, and last year we made the first steps towards achieving that goal.

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    1. As a switch exclusive aka Nintendo throwing money at them (to save the day yet again) while Sony and Microsoft saying they don’t want Bayonetta cuz poor sales from 1 and 2.

  1. How about actually finishing Scalebound before you take on yet ANOTHER game that has even greater chances of flopping like your last couple of games.

      1. They already have 2 different teams working on nier and Scalebound. Nier still hasnt gone gold, can they really afford to split another team yet again? Not to mention that theyre working on that PS4 exclusive and that mobile exclusive game.

        It just seems that they are thinning their teams, and its not like they have that many employees.

        1. Nobody said a new IP is in-development and it’ll be ready in three years, they’re saying they want to come up with one in three years. You don’t have to put a large team on the creation of a concept. Someone just has to have one.

          1. No they didnt, but a new IP isnt developed in a year or 2. It still has to go through r&d and the lot. You do have a point, this could very well be small game, but I seriously doubt that mikami, inaba, or kamiya will want their first baby to be something that wont make a splash.

        1. …because it exists already. Nintendo created F-Zero in 1990, just under 27 years ago. Platinum can’t create it again.

            1. No, they can’t. Did you read the article at all?

              They’re not saying they want to work on an IP that they’ve never worked on before, they’re saying they want to CREATE a new IP, something that they own.

  2. Would like me some Wonderfull 102 tbh… Sure, it had it’s issues, but it’s one hilarious game. And pretty memorable to. Played it for hours straight, and laughed my ass of with some of the cutscenes.

    1. Yes, they should also do the Wonderful 102 in the future. Start working on it in 2020 to 2K22. I want this, and I wonder if the Wii U will get a successor before the Switch successor unifies all in one place.

      1. *looks it up & the first few things to pop up is Microsoft confirming it* Oh shit!

          1. Republican Sideshow Bob or Republican Donald Trump. Life imitates art. I enjoyed $2 a gallon gas under Obama & Bill Clinton, sad to see it go back up to $5 a gallon under Trump when he takes office, like it did under Bush.

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