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The Nikkei Didn’t Claim That The Nintendo Switch Will Cost 25,000 Yen

You may have noticed a number of sites mentioning a Nikkei report that the Nintendo Switch will cost 25,000 yen which is around $214. Thankfully, online gaming publication Dual Shockers looked into the report that was picked up by the media and found that the translation was incorrect. As we all know the Nikkei is generally a very reliable Japanese publication, however it made no assumption claiming that it knew the price point for the next generation Nintendo system. You can read the site’s analysis, right here.



  1. You may quote me if you please, however this is just a rumor. I heard that the Switch will not be priced at €699, nor should it cost €749.

  2. Is not the first time the stupid west journalists are wrong in what japan said.
    They did the same stupid thing about Capcom not maki g ports for the ns.

  3. People blow nx info up all the time. Shows a pic of a Mario mushroom with a rabbit the back of a leak.

    Holy stars mariox rabbits confined at 1080p for switch!!!!

  4. ||Humans and their very limited patience and attention span, the grand introduction isn’t even 4 days away…||

  5. Depending on the tech inside, I have no problem paying up to 350€ for it! Having said this, I CAN NOT WAIT FOR FRIDAY!! :D (also made a list of all recent rumors, we will see if all of them will come true)

  6. 214 bucks? So glad this isn’t true because my confidence in Switch would take a swan dive off of the Eiffel Tower or the One World Trade Center. … So that’s what they are calling the rebuilt World Trade Center complex. I like that name.

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