Nintendo Has Filed A Patent That Relates To A Haptic Feedback Vibration System

A patent that Nintendo filed in April of 2015 was made available online as of last month. The patent seems to be related to some kind of vibration system that can be used in various handheld device, such as tablets. The system can generate various vibration types that correspond to sensations which relate to what’s on the screen, and to receive vibration orders rom a processing unit and a network. The patent also uses an AMFM code and a decoder that separates it into AM data and FM data, converts the FM data into a frequency, then combines the frequency with the AM data to create an AMFM wave. This process is done on two different frequencies, and the two are combined together to form a composited wave. The goal of the AMFM waves is to target sensory receptors in the skin to simulate various haptic sensations. While we don’t know what this patent is for, it’s the latest in many patents that Nintendo has been filing in the past year. We’ve included an images gallery down below that show the patent diagrams, so feel free to check it out.


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  1. The Switch patent actually mentions haptic feedback in the touchscreen as well, so this very well could be a thing. That would be cool, cause i really like it in the new iPhones.

    1. Agreed. It is super nice. I expect it now when I click on buttons because it feels so much more real. It’s also great for games. It does more than just feeling like a long buzz. But it actually changes depending on what you do. This would be amazing on the switch and just add to the greatness.

    2. I don’t think the Switch will have a touchscreen, this is most likely for the 3DS successor instead; to go along with other new features for a 4D experience.

  2. I always knew Nintendo must be working on this type of rumble, because it’s a natural evolution and a way to ensure a 4D experience if added with other things. Not sure if Switch will have it, but the 3DS successor definitely will, along with other features for its 4D experience. Look forward to it.

    1. The WiiU and 3DS sucessor will be Nintendo Switch. One platform. Several possibilities. Software teams integrated into a single console. I have no doubt of this even if they say otherwise. It makes perfect sense.

      1. The DS had backwards compatibility with Gameboy Advance, the Wii has backwards compatibility with the GameCube, but the Switch does NOT have backwards compatibility with the 3DS nor Wii U despite using cartridges. Actions speak louder than words, and you can tell Nintendo’s agenda with their systems. And Nintendo said that the 3DS would have a separate successor that they will announce at a later date, which is something they never said about the GameBoy Advance. All the movies are in 4D and if you think Nintendo won’t tap into this ever growing, and increasing market; then you’re a fool, because Nintendo is Nintendo.

  3. I saw a guy on youtube post a vidro about this and the thing is that it will let you feal surfaces

  4. So is this supposed to be a more advanced rumble/vibration feature… Cool?

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