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Online Retailer Bol Have Listed Some Interesting Nintendo Switch Accessories

Nintendo’s next console must be right around the corner because more third parties have started releasing their assorted accessories. The Dutch retailer Bol have listed a few Switch accessories on their website. Most of the accessories are the usual carrying cases and travel kits, but they also have a set of grips for the individual Joy-Con controllers. If you’re playing multiplayer games like they people in the original Switch reveal trailer, these might come in handy. Check out a few pictures below.


Thanks Stephen for the tip!


  1. I don’t know. Those grips kinda defeat the purpose of the Joy-Cons being portable in the first place.

    1. yes but think what if you wanna mulitplay at home with friends and you only have one Pro Controller. It’s probably much cheaper to upgrade the Joy-Cons with grips than buy additional Pro Controllers

    2. Feel like you might as well bring a couple of Pro controllers than do this if you’re going to lose that portability anyway. Or for a cheaper alternative, a pro controller and a grip (or no grip and have one player playing with 2 Joycons). Whatever you do, these do indeed seem to have minimal purpose.

  2. Looks interesting, but are those microSD holding slots in the cart case?
    They going to make switching SD cards easier than on n3DS?

    1. The SD card slot is at the bottom of the device. You can see it on the patent, and in the reveal trailer. I think its micro sd, but the patent doesn’t specify.

    2. It appears that way. In the other leaked accessory documents, there was a smokey see through game case, that had one slot set up to hold two SD cards as well. Seems like most game cases are coming with SD card holders, so definitely seems like we’ll have easier to swap cards, if not hot swap cards. That would be great.

  3. More important: according to Bol (which is the largest online retailer in the Netherlands) all these accessories will be available on March 17. So release date confirmed!

      1. I was thinking the same, but I don’t think the other Joi Con with the stick in the middle would be any better either.
        But who knows, maybe it looks a lot worse than it is.

        1. Oh, I didn’t even notice the analog stick being in the middle of the other one, you’re absolutely right.
          But as you said, we just gotta wait and see, I suppose.

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