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UK: GAME Has A Massive Trade-in Promotion Going On Just In Time For Nintendo Switch

GAME has begun emailing customers informing them that they are having a massive trade-in deal happening from January 12th to the 22nd of January. Naturally this is just in time for the Nintendo Switch with pre-orders for the console presumed to open tomorrow morning. If you trade in your old console to GAME you can get £10 extra credit. You can also get £1 extra for each game you trade-in. You could add this to a gift card and use it in March when the Nintendo Switch launches or alternatively hold off and see if there’s any better deals.



  1. ||I wouldn’t trade anything with the GAME Thieves’ Camp or Gamestopian Pirates for all of King Midas’ silver…||

      1. ||Very well, it’s irrelevant anyway considering we drove them out of business some human years ago in the territory of Sweden…||

        ||Now if only the Gamestopians follow the same fate but worse since they are obviously treacherous just going by their so called sales…||

  2. Maybe people should hold off on trading their Wii Us in for a Switch. For all we know, they’ll reveal later tonight that you can transfer all of your Wii U stuff to the Switch as long as you have your Wii U on you along with your account still on the console.

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