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Stardew Valley Won’t Be A Nintendo Switch Launch Title

The interesting life simulator Stardew Valley is destined for the Nintendo Switch but it won’t be a launch title according to the developer. While the game won’t be coming at launch it will be coming sometime later this year. In an official blog post the developer said that they are also investigating the possibility of a PlayStation Vita port.



    1. It’s a digital-only game on PS4 so that doesn’t sound too likely. It’s only 250mb on PS4 so it shouldn’t take up much space, if that’s your concern.

  1. If you enjoy the classic Harvest Moon titles you’ll definitely wanna get this! It’s very similar to the early titles but a bit more adult. There are some more adult themes, such as one character having a father at war and discussing being at war with another country. Unlike Harvest Moon you are free to woo a bachelor or bachelorette regardless of your gender. You also have TONS of options for hair and clothing, which is always nice. It takes a lot of the best features Harvest Moon has to offer and adds on them. Fishing is a bitch though.

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