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UK: Super Bomberman R Will Cost £50

Those of you hoping for a budget price for Super Bomberman R for the Nintendo Switch will be disappointed to hear that the game will retail for £50. It was initially listed for £60 but Konami had a change of heart and have cut the price by ten pounds. So if you are planning to purchase Super Bomberman R as a launch game you now know the official price.



          1. I thought it was more akin to SFV with teh fight money. Where you earn in game currency and then use said in game currency to purchase costumes, etc..

      1. Yeah I played it when it came out. I DO LOVE THE GAME. I just don’t think it should be same price as Zelda. Prove me wrong and I’ll gladly buy it.

  1. So the switch doesn’t come with a game and then Nintendo expect me to spend an extra £50 on buying one… who the hell are they trying to appeal to?? Pensioners??

  2. That’s inacceptable! Every damn Switch launch title except for BOTW is severely overpriced! $50 for 20 cheap-ass mini “games” in 1, 2, Switch?! That’s like showing the middle finger to loyal early adopters. “You want a game with your Switch? We’ll let you bleed for it!”

  3. $50 seems a little steep. I was expecting $30-40.
    I doubt most people would pay $50 for Bomberman.
    Hell, I’m excited for the game, but that price is a bit questionable even to me…

    1. If that Bomberman were like 64, Second Attack, or Generations, I would.

      I’m still getting this day-1 because I’m nostalgic for Bomberman- I grew up with it- but I agree the price may be a bit high for what it is. Who knows, maybe the depth of the story mode will surprise us.

      1. Bomberman Hero and 64 (especially Hero) both had a unique gameplay style and charm that clicked with me back in the day. However even as a kid it was hard to overlook some bizarre design choices; most ideas fell through which ultimately became flaws that riddled the games’ true potential as they felt forced and uninspired.

        Bummer to see that they didn’t take the good aspects from both of these games and revitalize them to make a bolder, brand new, AAA looking Bomberman title for his 33rd anniversary. Oh but it’s Konami’s IP now so fat chance of something like this ever happening.

  4. So adjusting to US currency, $60. They are actually charging just as much for this as Nintendo is for Zelda. The first interesting piece of major 3rd-party software to release on Switch, and it’s a prohibitive $60. Thanks for scaring potential support, Konami. Bravo.

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