While Dragon Quest Heroes I-II is only being ported to the Switch, it seems there will be some additions made to the game. Not only will the game take advantage of the Switch’s HD Rumble feature, a handful of new characters are being added to the game. One example given is Ragnar McRyan from Dragon Quest IV. As well as this, Malroth from Dragon Quest II is also being added as a boss.

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  1. Great I have the first one on ps4 and was about to beat it but decided to wait for the switch version. It looks like the first and second will come packed together for the switch so hopefully that’s the case and I’ll beat it then. It’s a fun little time waster if your a fan


  2. “Only ported to switch,” I assume the meaning is that it’s not coming to WiiU…cause it sure as hell isn’t a Switch Exclusive.
    Just another port. Great for Switch buyers, not so great for expanding the install base.

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