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Here’s A Look At The Nintendo Switch Touchscreen In Action

We have seen just about everything else about the Nintendo Switch but one thing that we haven’t seen demoed is the Nintendo Switch’s multitouch screen. The first footage we’ve got showcasing the touchscreen shows how the system’s TouchSense technology makes the touchscreen controls come alive. The game demoed utilising this aspect of the Nintendo Switch is Skylanders Imaginators and it admittedly looks very responsive.


    1. 1-2-Switch looks atrocious — Nintendo wants people milking a cow to look like idiots. I cannot understand how that can be fun.

      Oh, and thanks for providing GamingWithMe’s original video.

  1. So in a game that requires use of a touch screen, how would you play when the system is docked? Seems like a major limiting factor if you have to remove the console from the dock every time. Perhaps use of the motion control would replace touch while in TV mode?

    1. This is exactly why I was so confused when touchscreen capabilities were first announced. Since they’ve been so clear about there not being any tablet-exclusive games, it doesn’t make much sense to me. I guess it was future-proofing in case they ever changed their mind or something.

        1. Yup, that’s pretty cool! The only other mainstream tech that has this (that i know of) is the new apple products and maybe some android phones. Its a really cool technology and should add some extra feedback to the experience.

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