The Team Behind The Mega Man Cartoon Says The Footage Isn’t Final

You may recall an article we posted the other day that relayed news on the arrival of some new Mega Man cartoon footage. Well, the footage has been taken down due to a response from a representative of Dentsu Entertainment. The footage was “not intended for public viewing”. This is because the footage was not final. In fact, it came from “internal animation tests by the folks at Film Roman LLC”. Even Mega Man’s look is not final, as the representative said that it’s “still very much evolving”, and is “not representative of the final product”. The show is not guaranteed to air on Disney XD, either. Dentsu Entertainment’s representative spent most of the time explaining and debunking things, but they did have one announcement to make. They said that Dentsu Entertainment will “have some big news to announce soon”. Whenever that news arrives, we’ll be sure to share it with you.



  1. I’m just annoyed that the cartoon synopsis changes the origin story. And that they are making the ‘Super Fighting Robot’ a real boy. That is, unless they changed the direction they were going with this.

  2. Incase anyone hasn’t seen the footage (as the original video was made
    private and thus down for everyone), I looked and found the footage online
    so you can download it here:!koB0QIAZ!rl4A2t_eSLUXGLekFY85k6V8kQyaUUA9KXcD1k3MU1E

    I’m still curious about what the team is going to do for Megaman’s design in
    the cartoon, esp. after they’re coming out declaring it’s not final, likely in response
    to everyone’s reaction to the look.

    Hopefully it turns out decent in the end.

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