Nintendo Switch

Earthlock: Festival Of Magic Developer Gives Update On Wii U Version

Do not fear as Earthlock: Festival of Magic, the colourful western RPG, is still heading to the Wii U but the developer has admitted that they’ve encountered a fair few challenges bringing the well-received title to the system. Earthlock: Festival of Magic should arrive on the Wii U in the next couple of weeks and the developer is keen to bring the game to the Nintendo Switch but has yet to hear back from Nintendo of America. They urge fans to reach out to the company via social media if they want the game on Nintendo’s next platform.

“The Wii U version is giving us some challenges, but we have made great progress. Only the last few scenes remain to be optimised. We hope to enter certification in about 2 weeks. It might be tight, but we are still optimistic about a Wii U launch around the end of February/ beginning of March. I’ll keep you posted once we have more precise dates.

Nintendo Switch is still an uncertainty. Nintendo has not given us a clear response on when we may expect to publish on their new console. Feel free to use social media to let Nintendo know that you want Earthlock on the Switch. (”




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