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Rumour: Switch Download Play Feature Lets Eight Players Use One Cartridge

An interview with Nintendo of Germany’s PR Manager has revealed that certain Switch games will allow eight players to play off of one game card. However, this should be taken with a pinch of salt as no official translation of the interview has been released. This would certainly line up with Nintendo’s past consoles, both the DS and 3DS having very similar Download Play features. Is this a feature you’d be interested in seeing return? Tell us below.

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  1. This feature has always been a life-saver when playing Mario Kart with lots of people. I remember back in the good old days of playing Mario Kart DS at school we used to get 8 player matches going, and inevitably not everyone would have the game so this saved us. Mario Kart 7 came too late for me and school, but that game had even better download play as you could go to all the tracks where Mario Kart DS limited you to only 8.

  2. PSP had this feature. It took about 15 minutes to download everything needed to play 2 player match.
    I’m sure tech is now more advanced since then, but unless Switch uses 5 GHz frequency, the 2,4 GHz wireless connection could still be a bit slow.

  3. Can’t say anything about the legitimacy of the article, but being a native German speaker, I can confirm that the translation is correct. According to that article, it is possible to play with up to 8 players with only one cartridge in local multiplayer.

    1. As another native german speaker, I am not so sure.

      What I noticed is, that the sentence in question is not part of a quotation. This could easily just be an assumption of the author of the news, not something the Nintendo pr manager actually said.

      Besides that, local 8 player coop could also mean 8 players on one console. However that would work.

      1. That’s why I clarified that I couldn’t say anything about the legitimacy of the article. (:
        However, the quote in question was translated correctly. That’s all I said. Whether or not the information is correct, I can not tell.

  4. Assuming this is true, it would really come in handy for the Switch in portable mode and may encourage more people to buy it. And for the Switch to sell well it really should be combining great aspects from Nintendo’s home consoles and handhelds.

  5. }{ It would be rather unsurprising to here this feature exists… It would, however be surprising to hear of it getting used very often… While the ds had plenty of games compatible with the feature, it fell majorly out of favor with the 3ds, which almost always required multi-card play… }{

  6. Actually the German site does not state that the feature was noted in the article at all. They have various quotes taken from Gülicher in the article but the sentence in question is not a quote but could as well be an assumption from the author.
    Sadly no other visitor of one of the hands-on events heard anything about the feature.

  7. If one Switch console can handle 8 players playing at the same time, I don’t see why this should be necessary. Or did Nintendo do another shitty job at explaining a Switch feature? Still, it’s just a rumor so it could be nothing.

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