US: Bomberman ’94 & Gradius Will Hit The Virtual Console Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the day when we find out which games will be available on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U eShop in North America. Two of the games have already been revealed and they are Bomberman ’94 and Gradius both for the Wii U Virtual Console. We will know the full line-up tomorrow but for now here’s each games description:

BOMBERMAN has arrived to restore peace on the planet, which has been split into five parts by an evil hand! In addition to the nine members of the Bomber Family, the character ROOI shows up to lend a hand. Jump on the EGGS that appear from destroyed SOFT BLOCKS, and you can ride one of five types of ROOI. Each ROOI has different special abilities—use these well and you’ll ride to victory! Bombs that turn according to arrows and other new gimmicks have been added to BATTLE GAME, increased to ten stages. Tag-team matches are now possible, ensuring that this game will be a blast!

Across the galaxy, there exists a distant planet known as Gradius. Gradius’ peaceful existence has been brought to an end by an intense space invasion by a race known as the Bacterion. To save the planet, the hyperspace fighter Vic Viper has been deployed to fight the Bacterion invasion. Players pilot the Vic Viper through seven stages, shooting and dodging through deadly obstacles, while using various power-ups, including missiles, lasers, options and shields. The Vic Viper’s target is the enemy fortress, Xaerous. The only way to end the war is to plunge deep through the enemy forces and destroy its very core.

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    1. I would love that so much. It’s an honest shame characters like Rukifellth and Lilith haven’t come back.

      My only problem with the game was that Fire, Wind, Lightning, and Earth bombs exploded in a cross shape, making hitting things with them needlessly difficult sometimes (save for the Classic Battle arena, where it makes sense). Otherwise, great game.

      1. Yeah, gameplay wise, it was that and the level design being too linear that kept it from being better than the first game imo, but it’s still really fun to play through and definitely deserves to be remembered.

        At least, that’s what my super distant memory of the game says.

  1. I really hope they release Bomberman 64 and Bomberman Hero as well. Bomberman 64 would be the 3rd new N64 VC game, following Donkey Kong 64 and Excitebike 64.

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