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Nintendo Switch Player Magazine Issue One Released

The first issue of Switch Player Magazine – a publication dedicated to Nintendo’s hybrid Switch console – is now available digitally. Featuring the latest Nintendo Switch previews, hands-on impressions and a montage of almost 50 upcoming Switch games over 48 pages, this magazine is the best way to stay in the know for everything to do with this exciting console.

Highlights include an introduction to the console, hands-on impressions for the system, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and many other upcoming games as well as opinions, features and analysis from many prominent figures within the gaming industry such as former ONM journalist Chris Scullion, Colin Moriarty, Greg Miller and Tim Gettys form Kinda Funny, Let’s Play Video Games’ Laura Kate Dale and many more!

Paul Murphy, Switch Player’s founder, said:

“As a child I grew up with Nintendo magazines, and they are something that are sorely missed. Print may have become a struggling format, but it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a demand for it and hopefully we will be able to reach that dedicated and passionate Nintendo audience with a product packed with content they will enjoy, and for free! ”

The first issue is available digitally (for free) via Issuu at the link below. A limited-edition print version was made available to those that backed the Patreon campaign from as little as $6 for a full colour print version, posted to addresses worldwide from $9.


  1. Those were the good ol’ days of reading NINTENDO POWER for secrets in SMB (the 1st warp zone) & the code to MIKE TYSONS PUNCHOUT that actually gets you to Mike Tyson. (Admittedly To this very dad. I downloaded PUNCHOUT on my 3DS & that damned SUPER MACHO MAN Still puts up a mean fight!!)

    Unfortunately with video game media news being available like EVERYWHERE I doubt I’ll sign up for any digital magazine. But who knows…that might change in the future depending how well the SWITCH does.

  2. Laura Dale is in an oficcial Nintendo Magazine? I tought that she would be a “persona non grata” to Nintendo. Glad to see that this was not the case, since Laura’s work helped get a lot of buzz to get fans hyped for the Switch

  3. Good to see LKD getting some love out here in the streets. Not sure why she’s been getting so much negativity after successfully predicting a decent amount of Switch-fo.

  4. Would be more enticing if there actually anything exclusive on here… (Hands ons are I guess?) All those screen grabs are just from the Internet and they just throw their 2 cents. I guess anyone can make a magazine like this these days… Would be cool if there was exclusive screen grabs and unknown insider info.

  5. I must admit though, I do miss the good ole days of 200 page magazines where I’d waste my lazy afternoons after school with my head in headphones while reading away at my sparkling new mag I just got in the mail…. Ah that was the life 😌

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