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Super Mario Odyssey Becomes Nintendo’s Most Viewed Trailer On YouTube

The announcement trailer for Super Mario Odyssey has become the most viewed video on Nintendo’s YouTube channel. The trailer, which was unveiled during the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017, has garnered more than 11 million views in less than a month. Super Mario Odyssey is the first sandbox game that allows Mario to fully explore his world since Super Mario Sunshine on Nintendo GameCube. It is scheduled to launch during the holiday season later this year, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.



    1. It would’ve conflicted with BOTW sales so it’s very beneficial for Nintendo just to give SMO its own timeframe. Moving it to the holiday season will certainly drive sales to the roof so it’s smart business on Nintendo’s part

    2. That’s double standards. As much as I see Mario as Nintendo’s official mascot, it would only fair to have The Legend of Zelda to be at the Nintendo Switch platform’s launch on March 3rd. I can only see Super Mario Odyssey as a certified system seller this Holiday season 2017!

  1. That’s almost halfway to beating out the trailer for the Switch itself… looks like there’s plenty of demand for the game – maybe more than Zelda! I wasn’t sure that was possible at this point, but I suppose it IS Mario.

  2. I’m more excited for Super Mario Odyssey than I was for ANY Mario game since Sunshine. I was even starting to wonder if I simply no longer cared for Mario games. But I realize now, those mediocre New Super Mario Bros. games, and even the 3D Land and 3D World games are what caused me to feel that way. None of those had the depth and excitement of the open world games, Super Mario 64 and Sunshine. And THAT is what I was missing, and what I love.

    Super Mario Odyssey can’t come soon enough for me. I’d sure love to see the Mario Party series come back to it’s roots as well. The last few games were real stinkers. Especially 9 and 10.

  3. I am going to say it now Mario will not look like this when the game releases. It’s going to look a lot better. The reason Mario is releasing is simply because it’s not ready. When Nintendo released the first video of 3D world it looked like a Wii game. The same with Mario kart 8. But as they have gotten more comfortable with the system they made their games better. Imagine Mario odyssey 1080p native at 60fps and looking better than any platform game ever. Nintendo had to hit this because the goal is to move the most systems this Christmas.

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