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GameStop: Pre-Order Zelda Breath Of The Wild And Get A Free Poster

If you’re wondering where you should pre-order the long-awaited The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild then you may want to consider ordering via GameStop. The North American retailer is offering a lavish poster with pre-orders of the special, master and standard edition of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.



Thanks to fanboydestroyer for the tip!


  1. If Gamestop / EB Games pre-order policy determined bonuses by order of pre-order and not order of pickup this might be worth my time, but I got screwed over when Sun/Moon came out and haven’t shopped there since

    1. I got screwed over too. The employees weren’t checking receipts so they ended up giving my copy away. They gave me one of the copies that wasn’t preordered but they made no attempt to reimburse me for the preorder bonus that I never got.

    2. Wow, really? As far as I am aware, Gamestop handles it differently over here. Well, it used to be that way, at least. It’s been quite a while since the last time I preordered (or even bought) anything at Gamestop, but I remember specifically asking about this at some point, and the employee told me that whether or not someone qualifies for limited preorder bonuses depends on how early the order was placed. As in, if there’s 5000 posters available, you’ll get one as long as you were among the first 5000 to preorder. But of course, things might have changed by now. I definitely agree that it should be determined by the time the preorder was made, instead of going by the time of picking up the order.

      1. ||As far as pre-order bonuses go, it is the same in this Sweden territory, but some bonuses whether it’s pre-ordered or not are limited only to the first limited quantities that show up…||

        ||They usually do announce it though, fortunately I haven’t to been to such a disgusting store in cycles…||

        1. Sometimes they offer nice exclusive pre-order bonuses with games, but that’s basically all they have going for themselves, in my opinion. I haven’t bought anything from there in years myself, the difference in prices compared to other shops is just too high.

  2. The red details + that Switch&Play thing ruin it, in my opinion. I think it would look so much better if it was just the artwork.

      1. That messes with the dimensions of the poster though, and with this one in particular, you’d have to cut off almost 1/3 of the whole thing, not sure if I would like that. Plus, if you like putting posters into frames, it might end up being difiicult to find a frame it still looks good in. But yea, it’s a compromise, better than nothing I suppose. q:

    1. Pre-order bonuses are always given out upon the game’s release after you pay off the remaining balance.
      It has always been that way, and it will always be that way.

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