A Look At Fire Emblem Heroes In The iOS Charts

Fire Emblem Heroes may never measure up to the success of Pokémon GO, but it’s certainly doing well in both the Japanese and North American App Stores. Heroes is currently third on the U.S downloads chart and is at first in Japan. However, the best news for Nintendo is that it sits at sixth on the American top grossing chart, reaching third in Japan. Have you been playing Fire Emblem Heroes? Tell us below.


  1. I’m telling ya, it’s all about that scream. Ninty gotta make a new thumbnail for the States that’s just Veronica looking to the right and yelling, and they’ll get that dough. (But seriously, it’s nice to see the game doing well. It’s nothing amazing, but I personally enjoy it.)

  2. I have been enjoying it so far. But I am at the pay wall and the slow grind that comes from not ponying up the dough is a chore. I really would have preferred the option to F2P or pay $20 for a full unlock.

    Nintendo would do well to satisfy both gamers and mobile gamers if they gave the option to pay in small nickels and dimes or just to buy out at a discount. That is the path they should have taken with Mario Run as well.

  3. Fire Emblem is one of my favorite, mobile Nintendo Franchises. I am still finishing up Fates, and still go back to Awakening because I loved it so much and am cranking through Lunatic mode.

    If this mobile game is where FE goes in the future… I could ALMOST live with that. I miss some of the depth and map sizes from the 3DS… but between Fates trilogy, Heroes, the remake coming out… I’m loving the Fire Emblem saturation.

    I’ll spend a little money on FE Heroes, Ironically because I don’t HAVE to… it’s designed to be totally playable, and real money is spent if you want an OP character or someone specific. I want to support Nintendo so they know I appreciate a free to play game that doesn’t “force” you into spending money. They could have pushed it, but they didn’t.

    Given the last couple cash-grab games, I applaud them for doing this right. I some ways, a lot of people are getting a solid FE game for absolutely free.

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