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Rumour: Target Now Randomly Cancelling Nintendo Switch Pre-orders

You may remember that GameStop began randomly cancelling Nintendo Switch pre-orders leaving a number of customers frustrated? Well, it seems that North American retailer Target is doing exactly the same. Reader Dank Plank placed a pre-order with the company early on only to be told today that his order has been canceled simply because they couldn’t allocate enough consoles. Let us know if you’ve also been affected.

Do you guys remember how GameStop randomly cancelled Switch preorders because of stock issues? Well Target is doing it to. I received an email saying my order was cancelled, so I called them up and asked why and they said exactly what GameStop said. To much preorders allowed for too little stock. They apologized and said they could do nothing about it. I had nothing to do with my payment either because the charge went through properly. It sucks that I’m going to have to look all over again and wait for a chance to pre order a switch.

Thanks for the tip Dank Plank.

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          1. Walmart preorder seemed to have no tax (but that was a lie, they would add it when sent). Target preorder I got 5% off with red card (but heard of preorder nightmares and it would take 4+ extra days after release). And Amazon is my fav retailer, I’d get it launch day, and I had made the other preorders before it was even live on Amazon. I could’ve kept the others and resold them. But I am not a dick. ^^

    1. Or, typical results when a (relatively) small electronics manufacturer attempts to produce new hardware to satisfy humongous, global demand. You didn’t have any problem buying a Wii U, did you? It’s the market. Companies love selling you stuff. They would if they could.

      1. Just my thoughts but I do like Nintendo and own a N64, Gamecube and a SNES Classic. Just waiting on a Switch but as more content comes to it I will be happy to own one. Owning a gaming pc, ps4, Xbox One, Vita, 3ds I just have so many hardware options already. At some point I probably will pick one up but not ready yet.

    2. Nintendo is shipping almost as many consoles that PS4 sold in a month since it’s first release in the US. All though PS4 didn’t launch until february next month, it has “only” sold ~4 million consoles in Japan. Just ~1 million more than the Wii U did. So the demand for it wasn’t has big as in the US and EU.

      Point being: More than 2 million Switchs are being shipped. And people start complain that “omg, nintendo is doing this on purpose/being stupid” without checking numbers and facts. It is highly demanded! And I wouldn’t be so hard on Nintendo “undermanufacturing” the Switch since they’ve had such a rough time with the Wii U. What if they would take a risk and have 4 million consoles at launch and the demand was low? They would be in a big loss for sure.

    3. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||You will still buy it, and you will still kneel…||

      ||Your irrelevant comment is irrelevant…||

  1. I pre ordered mine from Best Buy While the Switch reveal was showing, also pre ordered all of the BotW Amiibos at the same time too. Nobody even knew the Best Buy had every single BotW Amiibo up on their site for pre order before they were even revealed. Funny thing is I had two Switches pre ordered at the same time, 1 from Amazon 1 from best buy, but canceled the amazon pre order. Unlike those ebay price gougers I didn’t want to be greedy.

    1. While I would normally agree with you about eBay price gougers (I begrudgingly gave my nephew his NES Classic for Christmas) but for the Switch I have a different view. First, they cut the lifecycle of the wiiU short because of their bad marketing and slow release cycle. They have the money to hire more people and better marketing teams. Second, I have invested thousands of dollars in a digital only library thinking that Nintendo is known for their backwards compatibility. Now I can’t trade towards the Switch. Third, Reggie has stated that they are making a good profit on this over priced machine. He even said that if they discount it they will still make a profit. Fourth, I have become so used to buying amiibo from Japan and eBay that it has become the norm to buy from eBay flippers because I wasnt sitting at my computer in that 5 second window when all the scalper bots snap everything up. And finally, I am unemployed at the moment so I plan on getting my Switch for a little as possible. I am flipping 3 Switch “bundles” and that should cover the cost of at least a pro controller and one game.

        1. so far it looks like $50 per console, but i am holding out. also just got some pro controllers to make “bundles” which seem to get a better price. either way if the prices come down I can always cancel my pre-orders and then they’ll open up for other people and i’ll end up paying full price. if i do flip them the money is going directly back to nintendo anyways.

      1. It’s tools like you that make me glad I snagged a pre-order….can’t wait until the manufacturers figure out a way to prevent flippers like you from profiting….hope your pre-orders get cancelled

        1. i feel like Nintendo is ripping me off and no one has to buy from a re-seller. in fact the prices on eBay have come down dramatically and I might cancel those preorders. I’m not the only one doing this. Also it does take a certain amount of time and effort on my part to secure and ship a console to someone who missed out. Time is $$ so I don’t feel guilty at all. EB Games and Nintendo should feel guilty about price gouging.

  2. Every time a story like this pops up, I panic and check to make sure my pre-orders are still active.

    Thankfully, both my Switch and Collectors Zelda orders are still good (for now)…

    However, I was shocked to realize my Gamestop home store, personal address, billing address and shipping address were all WRONG in my profile (even though I’m pretty sure I entered my current info when I placed my order).

    Fixed Now. Crisis averted (hopefully).

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  9. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!}

    I bout in store at GameStop so I’m not worried. *gets that urge to check anyway* @.@

    1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!}


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