Video: Digital Foundry Compares NES Classic Edition To Other Retro Consoles

Although the NES Classic Edition (NES Classic Mini if you’re in Europe) is like gold dust right now, there’s no denying that it’s a decent piece of kit – if you can get one. The folks over at Digital Foundry recently pitted it against other retro consoles with the likes of the Analogue NT, the virtual console and the original NES making their appearances.

You can check out their findings below:

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  1. As someone who mains Nintendo consoles, I’ve seldom been keen about console specifications. My main concern is how Nintendo creates something that plays very differently from each predecessor. Utilizing the given technology of each generation, to give us absurd controllers that confuse the enemy. That is why Nintendo collections are more interesting than any other side-by-side generational comparisons.

  2. Personally i get consoles for the games, that’s why i go with Nintendo, they have (by far) the best and most exclusives out of the big 3. Now for 3rd party games id get a PS4 since it has the best graphics, unless its a game that would be good on the go then the Switch would be the best. No reason to get an Xbone really personally. Unless you love racing games and halo (halo 5 kinda sucks I’ve played it) there’s no reason to get it over the Switch or PS4.

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