Nintendo President Says “We Are Not Creating A Successor To The Nintendo 3DS Right Now”

In a recent interview with TIME Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima has cleared up comments regarding Nintendo working on a successor to the Nintendo 3DS. Kimishima says that while they are not working on a follow-up to the popular system they are always thinking of ideas of how they can continue the portable gaming business.

“We are not creating a successor to the 3DS right now. We are, however, still thinking of portable systems. We are thinking of ways that we will be able to continue bringing portable gaming systems out, so yes, we are thinking of different ways to continue the portable gaming business.”


Thanks to Mike S for the tip!


    1. The Switch doesn’t fit in a pocket, unless it’s JNCO.
      For that reason, I can’t think of the Switch as a replacement to the 3DS.
      That alone makes them entirely different worlds.

    2. Not until the 3DS sells well. They are different. One console can’t please anyone, though I support the idea of a Switch Pocket, but together with a 3DS/4DS eventually. If that Pocket would kill the market for a 3DS it’s another point but it shouldn’t be near future. They need to shrink nVidia technology before.

  1. That’s strange….
    I remember many Nintendo interviews which state that they start thinking/working on a successor the moment they release a new console…

      1. OP is not talking specifically about the 3DS successor, he/she’s talking about consoles in general. Nintendo have, several times, over the years said that they start thinking about the next console within a year of the release of any new console. So for example they would have started thinking about the N64 within a year of the SNES being released. Would have started thinking about the Gamecube within a year of the N64 release etc.

    1. Naw, dummy. It’s gonna be the Nintendo 4DS. Comes equipped with holographic technology to offer a new format of gameplay.

  2. Now can some people finally shut up and accept the Switch count the one and only console hybrid it’s clearly meant to be?

    Thank you.

        1. Ohhhh, I see what you did there… very smooth and a double whammy no less.
          Well I still have two legs and a head, so if you think Nintendo is switching development priorities away from the 3DS, you are sorely mistaken!

          1. These last games are only coming because they were already in development. Very little new development will start. Mark my words :)

              1. ||The Tegra X1 is somewhat weak in its original state, however, with our mineral, Nintendonium, it has a hundred times more power…||

                ||In the end, you all all buy the Switch, I know, you know and everyone else knows it…||

            1. I think Pikmin will be coming, and I think in 2018, we will see duel launches of several games so switch and N3DS will be developed in tandum, and it won’t be until 2019-2020 that the 3DS games dry up! ;D

                1. Well we will need to decide on a case by case basis. I don’t think it will be an easy hands down when either way, because I think a lot more great games are still coming to the 3DS. I’m guessing there will be a few titles that will have to dispute as to whether or not they count and I’m sure if there’s a hands-down winning title released on the 3DS we’ll know it!

    1. Those aren’t successors. A successor is moving from the DS to the 3DS, or in this case, 3 DS to Switch ;)

          1. Infact it had so much more RAM, but no real exclusive good games to use its uniquenesses. Just shovelware.
            New had Xenogears, now Fire Emblem, etc.
            Nintendo keep realeasing consoles with very different specs and big upgrades. I wonder why. Better to focus on completely new console instead of rehashed new one. Shrinks with longesr battery is understandable but why doubling RAM and processing power… it’s just there for confusion.

    2. True I’m glad you said something because I forgot that they pulled that s*** although it means it’ll probably be another version of the 3DS not a new type of console. Still, fine by me.

      Whew! I needed a straw to grasp after this post game an edge.

          1. You can’t hold on forever. It’s a game console which are destined to eventually be replaced. It’s been nearly six years, let gooooooooooo ;)

              1. ||Embrace me as your king and as your God, it is your destiny…||

  3. Probably an excuse to make the current 3DS more stable (homebrew free) and release more hardware limitation-bound 3DS games, like Pokemon X/Y (less 100 new Pokemon), Super Smash Bros. (Ice Climbers were cut), and Pokemon Sun/Moon (still less than 100 new Pokemon).

    I was done with the 3DS’s lifeline wfter Sakurai cut the Ice Climbers from Smash. And apart from that game, I chalk the rest up to hardware limitations.

    Seriously, did someone ask Kimishima this to result in this answer? Or do Nintendo personalities drop random statements on Twitter.

  4. Now that the switch is releasing, it’s sad to say,but there’s no need for the 3ds or a successor. What would they possibly do to make it stand apart from the switch. I don’t get why they don’t just admit the switch is taking over

    1. This.
      They always are thinking about the next console.

      Switch Prints money -> The switch itself or a more portable version of Switch will come.
      Switch doesn’t print money -> 3ds succesor will be announced.

  5. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

    While they say this even when they are working on a successor, it doesn’t necessarily mean the successor will actually come out. In fact, it’s not unusual for a new system being worked on to get canceled. With that said, I’m still expecting Switch to replace the Wii U AND 3DS if it manages to sell very well.

    1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

      Good point. Since the 2DS had a sleep mode by simply flicking a switch on the bottom right of the front of the 2DS, I don’t see why it shouldn’t have a sleep mode. Unless Dumbtendo kicked in during development & caused Nintendo to forget about adding that handy feature. I guess they could patch it in later (it seems that’s the motto with the Switch’s non-gaming features right now) by having an option in the menu appear for sleep mode.

      1. Even having an option in the menu for it seems less handy than a button and its definitely less handy then just closing the DS or 3DS. They really better how it in some way though because it’s one of the main reasons people can play longer games on the go.

    1. that would be awesome but you know Nintendo they wont do that they are too stuck up with there we must have the 3ds and wii u region locked and if gamers want region free they buy the switch. bit of a dick move but jokes on them if people don’t upgrade the systems and just play offline or disable the updates with certain exploits

  6. Honestly, I don’t think the 3DS really needs a successor. I’m not sure what else they could add to it that wouldn’t clash with the Switch.

    Frankly, I think just making another stronger version (like the New 3DS) would be best if they want to upgrade.

  7. if you ask me i’d say they’d use the nvidia chips but make the graphics really good for the graphic whores out there and the games will be similar to the switch only down scaled a little so as not to make the switch look like a weaker system i have a name but i’ll go with the none cool one

    The Nintendo Super Ds
    and the slogan This the 3ds only more super “wahooo”

    man, i can’t believe i just did that.

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