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Kotaku Writer Ranks Zelda Games From Worst to Best

Online publication Kotaku has compiled a list of what they believe to be the worst and the best games of the Zelda series. With Jason, the article writer’s, perceived worst as Tri Force Heroes and the top spot has been taken by  Link to the Past.

The writer has noted that they have skipped the CD-I games, and also has skipped Four Swords Adventures because they haven’t played it. It’s also worth noting that the rankings are based entirely on the writer’s opinions and doesn’t reflect the opinions of the entire team at Kotaku.

Here’s the list in ascending order:

15) Tri Force Heroes
14) Zelda 2: Adventure of Link
13) The Legend of Zelda
12) Phantom Hourglass
11) Spirit Tracks
10) Skyward Sword
9) Twilight Princess
8) The Minish Cap
7) Ocarina of Time
6) Link Between Worlds
5) Wind Waker
4) Majora’s Mask
3) Oracle of Ages/Seasons
2) Link’s Awakening
1) Link to the Past

For the full break down, head over to Kotaku’s article.


34 thoughts on “Kotaku Writer Ranks Zelda Games From Worst to Best”

    1. TWW is way better than TP, obviously for my tastes. I can’t stand how much that game is streamlined, slow and easy… I liked more Adventures of Link and I’m not kidding, it just not the Zelda game for me, is the only one in the entire saga that made me yawn.

  1. The original Legend of Zelda and Twilight Princess are ranked way too low on the list. Zelda 2 is somewhat difficult and a side-scroller, but I liked it because of how different it was; I think that it also deserves to have a higher ranking on this list. I do understand that the person who made this list is entitled to their own opinion, but I personally would recommend them to replay some of the games that they ranked so lowly (except Triforce Heroes, of course ;P) because they might’ve not played some of these games recently, so it would be a good refresher. I’ve done this a few times; I originally didn’t care much for Final Fantasy 9, but I played it when I was younger, so I replayed it again recently, and now it’s one of my favorite Final Fantasy games.

  2. If you’re going to compare a Miyamoto Zelda game, you compare it every other game ever made… that wasn’t invented by Miyamoto. ~ Kill Bill, roughly translated.

  3. So, its respectable for the most part, but how could you rate Oracle, ALBW, and Zelda 2 above Ocarina of Time? That game was the undisputed “best game of all time” for quite a while. Now all of a sudden it doesnt hold up to Zelda 2 and a bunch of handheld games? This guys an idiot.

  4. my list is, if someone cares.
    1- Majora’s Mask
    2- OOT
    3- Oracles
    4- Minish Cap
    5- WW
    6 – TP
    7- Link Between Worlds
    7- Ph

    A link to the past I’m playing right now. SS I didn’t finish it, because my nunchuck broke, but it was the one I least like. And I didnt finish Sprit tracks and Links aweking also.
    Zelda 1, 2 and triforce heroes I have never played.

  5. Pretty good!

    Here’s mine, which everyone will love… loath? Probably loath:

    15) Zelda 2: Adventure of Link
    14) Twilight Princess
    13) Tri Force Heroes
    12) Skyward Sword
    11) Majora’s Mask
    10) Spirit Tracks
    9) Phantom Hourglass
    8) Ocarina of Time
    7) Link Between Worlds
    6) Link’s Awakening
    5) The Legend of Zelda
    4) Wind Waker
    3) Oracle of Ages/Seasons
    2) The Minish Cap
    1) Link to the Past

  6. I love the responses here. People are upset because different people have different tastes in video games lol. With that being said, if you go back and play all the zelda games back to back you’ll soon realize how quickly your “list of favorites” will change.

  7. I absolutely cannot understand the love for the Gameboy games. They’re not bad but they are definitely not anything special at all. Also the fact that Spirit Tracks and Phantom Hourglass aren’t dead last is insulting to the rest of the games on the list; those 2 games are genuine trash.

  8. I agree that A Link To The Past was an amazing game (and also the first Zelda game that I ever played, and got me hooked on the series forever). But man, Ocarina Of Time at number 7? That should have been Number 2 at the very least. Majora’s Mask was NOT better than Ocarina Of Time. I’ve never played any of the Game Boy Zelda games, so I can’t say anything about those.

    1. Have you played them? After I beat phantom hour and spirit tracks, I have to beat Majora and I’m all done with 3D zeldas, and then all the multiplayer zeldas is all I have left (both 4 swords and tri force heroes). Can the muliplayer games be beaten 100% with everything by yourself? Or am I gonna have to try and find people who actually have the games and wanna play them to get everything? I remember briefly trying one of the 4 swords games on my 3DS and I think I remember something about getting a certain amount of rupees in every level, and reading that it would it being MUCH easier with other players, is this true? I hope not cause I wanna be able to say finally that I have beaten them all 100% (and if I did it alone it would be better for me).

      1. Yeah, I’ve played both Four Swords and Four Swords Adventures. (And Tri Force Heroes). A lot of people make the mistake of mixing up Four Swords and Four Swords Adventures, but they’re completely separate games.

        Four Swords Adventures and Tri Force Heroes can both be 100% completed alone (although, I will say, doing this in Tri Force Heroes is incredibly tedious and not nearly as fun. Four Swords Adventures IS better with others, but it’s still pretty fun playing alone too.)

        As for Four Swords, the original GBA version needed 2-4 players. The 3DS remake, Four Swords Anniversary Edition, can be played 1-player, but as you said, it will be very difficult to get the highest rupee goal. I think it’s possible, but it’d be easier with others. Regardless, you can still beat the game pretty easily solo, even if you don’t manage to 100% it. Luckily, it’s a really short game, unlike FSA and TFH.

        1. Thank you for that info, I am almost finished with phantom hour, then I have spirit tracks and those three multiplayer games and majoras mask to go through to complete my zelda list. Trying to 100% all the ones I never played before Breath of the Wild, I’m thinking I can do at least one more after phantom hour is done. I have the anniversary edition thank goodness on my 3ds for being an ambassador. I remember trying it out back when I first got it, and the rupee thing made me not wanna go for it. But I’m doing it for sure now lol. Glad to hear it’s a short game, if it’s truly short maybe I can know out that and spirit tracks before botw.

  9. Playing phantomhour glass right now and based off the controls that and spirit tracks which I haven’t played yet are already my least favorite. Using the stylus the whole time is realllllly lame. Not hard, but not fun. The ONLY cool thing I like is that you can draw on the map. And before anyone says how can I just spirit tracks without playing, I read it has the same controls as phantomhour glass. So yea although I am playing right after spirit tracks, I know I won’t like it much more. Also I haven’t played the 4 Swords games nor Majoras Mask, but I can see myself liking all of them more then the DS games. The original 2 games on this list are too low imo. And TP is fun, but after playing through it this last month, it’s possibly the easiest one I have played off recent memory. So yea, it’s dark, which everyone goes nuts over, but it’s soooo easy that it ruins the dark style. OOT is definitely harder, and far more fun and memorable. That game feels like home, and magical. Definitely my favorite 3D. And LTTP being #1 I’m totally OK with. He said it just how I say it, it’s the perfect game.

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