Nintendo Switch

No New Skylanders Game This Year Apart From Nintendo Switch Port, Mobile Content and Netflix Series

The hugely popular, multi-platform series: Skylanders, will not be making a new appearance on consoles this year. This news comes from a recent quarterly earnings call that was held not too long ago. A new Skylanders title has been released every calendar year since 2011 and although the Nintendo Switch port of Skylanders Imaginators will be released on March 3rd, it would seem that Activation is taking a year out.

To date, the series has sold over 300 million toys and will continue in 2017 with mobile content, new options for Imaginators and a third season of the Netflix-exclusive animated series.

See you again next year perhaps, Skylanders.



    1. I think it’s a decent brand and it’s demographic is certainly for the younger generation. They seem to be doing well with the series so far if the sales are anything to go by!


  1. Sounds about right. A bit of a break could make for a better game in the future. Last couple weren’t as up to par with the rest of the series apart from the Crash levels. The concept behind the whole ‘make your own’ skylander thing was interesting, but not stupendously integrated as a gameplay function.


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