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Video: Snake Pass Developer States That The Game Took Only One Week To Port To Nintendo Switch, Shows How It Fairs Next To PS4 Version

Visually impressive puzzler game, Snake Pass, only took one week to port to the Nintendo Switch according to the developer. This is certainly promising news and bodes well for other devs to hopefully suite with their games. In a recent streaming session the developer, SUMO Digital, showed the PS4 version and then a little later the Switch version – giving an insight in how they compare.

You can watch the video here.

Skip to around the 20 minute mark if you want to see them play the Switch version.





  1. Looks like a very pretty game. I think this is also a good example of a hardware comparison between PS4 and Switch. I don’t really care tbh because it still looks beautiful, but PS4’s version is 60FPS and this one is 30FPS.

    Watching the Switch footage before the PS4 footage, I still thought it looked and had the feeling it played fantastic. It BARELY made me feel worried about the specs in comparison because this definitely shows that the hardware is good enough where console owners won’t complain too badly.

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      1. Really now ? It looks great then I thought that was the ps4 version or PC and was trying to look for a downgraded ps2 looking version through the whole video lol thanks for clarifying that


      2. I thought that at 20 mins it was PS4, and at 30ish it was Switch. The FPS looked like it changed. I mean, it could’ve been my imagination, or just an issue with the stream.


      3. They still have some optimization to do but the whole video is indeed the Switch version if you notice the way his hands are placed. The fact that the game looks the same as the PC and PS4 versions of the game amazes me as this Unreal Engine 4 game shows why we shouldn’t worry about the Switch’s capability.

        Dragon Quest Heroes looked a bit meh on Switch compared to the PS4 version but it’s not that graphically intensive compared to this game which clearly has better lighting, high-res textures and smoother polygons. I think the DQH devs are either lazy or haven’t gotten the newer dev kits yet.

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  2. Looks pretty but as a whole it seems like a boring game that I would quickly lose interest in.

    I just want Yooka Laylee tbh nothing else matters atm.


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