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Frozenbyte Calls The Switch A Pleasure To Work With

Frozenbyte was very supportive of Nintendo this generation, bringing multiple games to the Wii U eShop. Luckily, it seems nothing is changing with the release of the Switch. In an interview with Just Pause, Frozenbyte’s Kai Tuovinen was very complementary about Nintendo’s upcoming console. While Tuovinen talked about how supportive Nintendo has been, it seems the console’s developer friendly nature made their support unnecessary. This is a great sign for the Switch’s third party potential, something Nintendo has been struggling with for decades. Check out the full interview here.

Has Nintendo been supportive of the development process? If so, more or less so than other platform holders?

Yes, Nintendo has been very supportive and quick to respond to any questions we’ve had throughout development, and were great at helping out with hardware as well. I think all the platforms nowadays are pretty good with that.

How difficult has it been to develop for the Switch?

It has been a pleasure to work with the Switch due to how nicely everything has been thought out from a developer perspective. Our programmers were very happy with it.


15 thoughts on “Frozenbyte Calls The Switch A Pleasure To Work With”

    1. I find it more interesting because devs keep saying the Switch is by far the easiest to port to compared to PS4 and Xbox One.

      Honestly, as a PC Gamer I’m excited to get my hands on the Switch.
      I was very disappointed in the Xbox One and the PS4 is lucky it has Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn on the way, otherwise I’d be trading that in too.

      1. I bought 11 games for my ps4 within a month since christmas and loving them all so far. Xbox is only alive cause americans love there microsoft, other than that the playstation has always been far superior. I got a pc aswell but why bother when I can sit on my sofa , with a huge screen and great sound system. I only play pc for world of warcraft and other blizzard games.

        1. You do know you can do all that with a PC as well… Also, builds have become smaller, heck, my PC is pretty small and it’s able to beat the living shit out of my PS4 Pro. All I use my PS4 now is for exclusives, because why bother getting 3rd party games on it when I can easily play them at much better frame rates in 1440p on my PC.

          But that’s me.

        1. Wii was interesting, but really only for it’s exclusive (For me at least) and didn’t really try to be “The PC Killer” like the PS3 and XBox 360 were.

          PS3 was actually my console for years before I decided to fully migrate to PC.

          XBox 360 kind of sucked (For Me) but the exclusives kept my Xbox from going dusty.. until it died.

        1. Uncharted 4 I’ve played Uncharted 4 and its good, but still not the best.
          Kingdom Hearts is just a dull game to me
          Last of Us 2 isn’t even out yet and the first game wasn’t too appealing to me.
          DOOM and Overwatch I own on PC…

          Sorry if I triggered you, Sony Pony ^^

          1. Everyone is mixed about 4. I felt it was the best, but people consider 2 the best. 3 is good but story is weak. 1 was great and just had poor aiming and shooting. And definitely not a Sony pony. I own all systems, but ps4 has the best games this gen so far. And last of us 1 is top 20 best games ever. You could disagree to that, but not many people do.

    2. yeah because a powerpc cpu and a amd gpu is SOOOO MHARD TO CODE

      oh a power pc and a pc gpu SOOOO HARD lol wiiu was 100x easier than x360 and ps3 ps3 was a compleat bastard to code

      devfs havre been coding amd gpus and ppc ooox cpus for years a and years didnt see indies or nintendo strugling witrh wiiu DONT BELEIVE EVERY THING YOU HERE

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