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Unreal Engine 4.15 Update Has Added Support For The Nintendo Switch

The popular video game development engine Unreal Engine 4 has been specifically updated for the Nintendo Switch. The graphically impressive engine has been updated to 4.15 and this should mean that we will see a number of Unreal Engine 4 designed titles appear on Nintendo’s upcoming system. This should also mean that third-party developers will find it even easier to port their games across to the console.



  1. It’s about time Nintendo released a new console! It’s been a decade since the last one the wii. All they did last time was release a controller add on that boosted the wii’s graphics.

    1. ||Peteriuss, is that an add-on for the name Peter with boosted length?…||

  2. I see they’re also reducing CPU load for this update as well.
    That’s a good sign as it means the Switch will have a much easy time getting games to run smoothly on the system compared to other engines like Frostbite and CryEngine (Who even uses that anymore?).

    I might have a wee nosy to see if I can’t make a game for the Switch and PC, just to see how easy it can port over.

    1. It’s because of the Vulkan API.
      Basically Unreal Now supports Vulkan, which is built into the Switch.
      Vulkan is the entire reason we’re seeing Unreal support on this device.
      Epic games jumped onboard the Vulkan train a good ways back.
      I been fallowing this stuff non-stop for well over a year now.

  3. Nintendo Switch Games powered by Unreal Engine 4–

    Dragon Quest XI from Square Enix
    Shin Megami Tensei (working title) from ATLUS
    Snake Pass from Sumo Digital

    I’ll be looking forward to more news on future Unreal Engine 4 powered games coming to the Nintendo Switch whenever possible.

  4. This doesn’t give the WiiU 2 more power folks. This is mostly to give indie devs another platform they can use. Unreal engine also needs to try and counter the rise of Unity. The games you think could come to Switch now, wont be, I can all but guarantee it.

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