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Rumour: Nintendo Switch Battery Provided By Company That Supplied Replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Batteries

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the battery inside the Nintendo Switch will be supplied by ATL. This is the same firm that provided replacement batteries for customers who ran into issues with their Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s where some batteries exploded. If this rumour is to be true then it’s good news as the battery in the Nintendo Switch should be more than reliable.

Thanks to NeoGaf member, Tripon, you can read the Nintendo related portion of the article below:

The people said it is unlikely that Samsung would stop buying batteries from Amperex, which is known as ATL, at least for now, because of the supplier’s lead in technology and production capacity.

ATL has close ties with Apple Inc. in battery research and development, people familiar with the matter said. Nintendo Co. will also use ATL batteries for its new hand-held hybrid console Switch, according to people familiar with the matter. Nintendo’s new game console will go on sale in March.

A Nintendo spokesman declined to comment about battery suppliers. Apple wasn’t immediately available for comment.

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  1. Uuuuuhhh yeah, no thanks. I’ve grown rather fond of my fingers and I’d prefer to keep my Switch in one piece thank you. keep your hand-sized WMD to yourselves thank you:/

    1. ||It won’t matter much, the amount of brainless cattle in here will just spit out nonsense that has to fit into their flawed irrelevant so called logic…||

      1. Commander Quadraxis:

        True it is that most of the cattle here are flawed with simple logic, but I assure you that many dormant soldiers such as myself lay in wait for Nintendo’s floodgates of destruction to open. The XBOT nations will be expunged with great force.

      2. You do know the company that’s (Rumoured) making the batteries are infamous for making the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Batteries… so you should be a little worried as the Switch will be used for pretty demanding games compared to what the Note 7 does.

    1. Jesus mate read the article, it’s the company that REPLACED the bad batteries, not the ones that provided them. This company hasn’t released exploding batteries, if anything they’re more stable because they made extra precaution for it to handle power WITHOUT EXPLODING!

        1. ||And you get outraged by me out of nowhere, which makes you even more pathetic, don’t talk unless you can’t back up yourself human…||

  2. When the Galaxy Note 7 issues started, Samsung stated that the problem was NOT the battery itself. It was a design flaw in the Note 7 assembly, where an cable, if badly assembled in the motherboard, would create pressure in the battery when the phone where sealed all together. That’s why the batteries where heating and exploding. The battery maker had nothing to do with this. This article simply does not make any sense.

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