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FAST RMX For Nintendo Switch Will Make Use Of The HD Rumble

Shin’en Multimedia have confirmed via Twitter that the upcoming F-Zero-esque game, FAST RMX will indeed be making use of the intuitive HD Rumble feature on Nintendo Switchs’ Joy-Con when asked by a fan. Nintendo spent a good portion of their unveiling on HD Rumble and many hands-on impressions rave about the new feature so it’ll be intriguing to see how it’s utilised for FAST RMX. It’s also worth pointing out that the title still doesn’t have a confirmed release date contrary to a March date on the UK Nintendo website. Shin’en Multimedia are sticking with ‘coming soon’ for now.



      1. Or… hear me out on this, OddArtist.

        Kinect Rumble… rumbles you.

        I’ll let that remain open to interpretation.

    1. It has nothing to do with normal rumble. In theory, HD rumble can be a third sensation next to visuals and sound. It can create the sensation of force, as if the controller would suddenly float, or become heavy, or push towards you, or pull away from you or sideways. It can also create the sensation of surfaces, like carpet, street, sand etc. It could be a complete game changer! But it depends on how well the Switch’s HD rumble works.

        1. What do you want to imply? I talked about the potential of the technology and said “it depends on how well the Switch’s HD rumble works”. I have not tried out the Switch and don’t know how well Nintendo implemented the technology. But I know the technology and what it can do!

          1. I was just wondering if you tried it lol No need to be so defensive oh great Sith Lord lol jk but I’ve read the stories about it so just trying to see if there’s any actual people on here that tried it

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