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Nintendo Switch Dog Decal Funded On Kickstarter

It didn’t take long for the Switch’s unique controller to get a life of its own, fans quickly realising it looks a bit like a dog. However, a Kickstarter has taken this one step further. Reaching its $1000 goal, this crowdfunded Switch decal is sure to make your tail wag. It’s a simple and slightly ridiculous idea, but it’s pretty funny.



18 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Dog Decal Funded On Kickstarter”

    1. If possible, can an Admin delete this and my other 2 Comments please. Didn’t see the Article that this was mentioned in until AFTER I typed that comment. Boneheaded move on my part, I apologise.

  1. Even stickers now need a Kickstarter campaign?! You could just walk to your local copy shop and order 1000 stickers, then sell them on eBay! The whole world has become a scam thanks to Kickstarter!

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